It’s only normal to have muscles which are weak- we’ve all got them. Even peeps at the top of their game will have weaknesses which keep them up at night (lol) and we’ve all got to try a bit harder at some things in life, right? We’ve all got that pal who can sneeze by a set of dumbbells and get bigger arms, but his calves don’t. You get the picture: we’ve all got weaknesses. Be cool with it, it’s part of the fun!

This is what I do to build my weakness into strengths.

Train Them First

If your arms are already jacked, stop training them on a Monday when you’re fresh as a baby! Save that until Friday, whatever your weakness is should come first. Train the muscles which aren’t doing as well at the start of the week and make them a priority. It’s amazing how many guys/babes have weak muscle groups and just forget about them, then wonder why they never grow!

Do Extra Work

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone by going above and beyond with your weaknesses. Train that muscle more than once a week, do extra volume. Do whatever it takes is what I’m saying. It’s very rare to see somebody doing everything they possibly can to get the kind of results they say they want. Be prepared to WORK some extra.

Concentrate More

You might think this is a funny one but I’m telling you, concentration is the name of the game when talking building muscle and getting fit. If you imagine your muscle working it actually makes it work harder: we call it the “mind to muscle connection.” Heard of it? Just concentrate really hard on what you’re doing, no faffing about on your phone or chatting with your boyfriend while doing your set.

Train With Someone New

Find a training partner who will kill you in the gym on the muscle you’re weakest at. If your lower half looks like a pair of chicken legs, then start training with someone who’s got really strong legs and likes to train really hard on leg day. Try and keep up- it will be horrible to start with but you’ll get there. Nobody likes to be known as a quitter, so jump right on it.

It won’t happen overnight, but you’ll make it. Go make those gains, Fam! Don’t forget to check IbadanFitfam on Instagram for crazy videos and inspirational photos.


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