Your wedding was the best ever in the society, your bridesmaids, Aso Ebi ladies were on point, your in-laws gave you and your hubby a surprise flight tickets to travel to the place of your dreams for your honeymoon and after the honeymoon, you both settled down in the place of your choice.But then after some few years, it seemed like you were getting frustrated at not getting what you really wanted from your husband.What went wrong?

Men and women react to being loved differently, communicate love differently.Trust me, your husband would love you doing some certain things, he might not just have mentioned it.A popular adage that says ‘Action speaks louder than voice’ is true for men.Men are not just wired to voice out how they feel most often like women do.They are logical while women are emotional.You might find yourself choked up with work, nurturing your kids, being available for your family etc but then there are things your husband wishes you do more often, let us take a look at the following:


    • Let him help you: I do not know if it is that women are gifted naturally to multitask.An average African woman can do a lot of things at the same time.For example: she is cooking while she has clothes in the washing machine and calling out to her kids to go take a nap at the same time.No normal husband wants to watch his wife doing things all at the same time without helping her.Beloved wife!!give your husband the opportunity to help you.
    • Appreciate him: There is nothing that gives a man much joy than when he is being appreciated by his greatest admirer “you”.Appreciate him for everything he does for you no matter how small.Tell him how much you love him and do not take things for granted.
    • Focus your attention on him, not the phone: The way the world is revolving around technology is incredible but then your relationship with your husband should not be hindered by the use of your phone.Your husband wants to be assured that you would give him attention when needed and his attention should not be competing with your phone.In focusing your attention on him when needed, you get all the love you want.
    • Learn something new: Be the kind of wife that tries new things, learn to explore.Has your husband been wanting you to try something you have not tried before? This might just be the right opportunity to try it.Who knows you could totally enjoy it.

Hope this was helpful?





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