Hi dear reader,

Ibadan is sure full of amazing places for you and your loved ones to enjoy the Valentine, there isn’t just a serene environment but amazing places that spur your grooves on and give your Bae or Boo the best experience of the season.

Whenever it come to the season of Love, Oh! You can be sure Love never goes WRONG! To the various proposals happening at the same time all over the world or the exchange of gifts between Lovers at different locations ta the same time all over the universe. Love, they say has many definitions to various folks! WHAT DOES LOVE MEANS TO YOU?

Valentine is no-joke day to both young and old lovers all over even to you, dear Reader. The day can be like a core-course and never want to carry it over. WHO KNOWS WHAT CAN HAPPEN NEXT YEAR? Everyone wearing and everywhere painted the colour of Love-White and Red representing the gentleness and fierceness of love respectively.

Thinking of where to give Bae treat in Ibadan? Check out the lists of amazing places in Ibadan:-

Ø  VIVA Cinema, Palms Mall, Ibadan: Viva Cinema is an independent & indigenous cinema house born out of the desire to give, well deserving movie lovers a clean, pristine and comfortable space to watch, enjoy & experience the best of international & local Cinema.

Ø  Filmhouse Cinema, Heritage Mall, Ibadan: The first cinema in the largest city in West Africa, Situated at the Heritage Mall Ibadan, Oyo State, this cinema is always packed with pleasant surprise for her guests.

Ø  Ventura Mall, Ibadan: The Complete stop for all kinds of fun and entertainment in Ibadan.

Ø  Agodi Gardens, Ibadan: the Number 1, serene environment in Ibadan that offers her visitors the comfort they desire

Ø  University of Ibadan Zoo, Ibadan: The Internationally recognized zoo that houses various kinds of animals from domestic to wild.


Still thinking you need more exciting places, check out the ever bubbling Lounges in Ibadan:

Ø  Gentlemen (GQ) Lounge: Located at 26, Awolowo Road, Bodija Estate, Ibadan, Oyo; known for the grooving outdoor relaxation experience

Ø  Lattitude Café &Lounge: Located in Ventura Mall, an ideal place for a romantic dinner, dinner with friends or even dining alone.

Ø  Neptune Lounge, Ibadan: Located at Bodija, close to University of Ibadan; with the neptune Eatery right in Palms Mall, ring road Ibadan.

Ø  Mauve21 Hotel: Located at MKO Abiola Way (Ring Road) Ibadan, a place that with free WiFi, a restaurant, bar and a sun terrace. Mauve21 Hotel and Events Center offers accommodations in Ibadan.

Ø  Sublime Lounge: Located at MKO Abiola Way, Ibadan, the social hype of  Ibadan

Ø  Kokodome Lounge: Located at Dugbe cocoa house Kokodome, Dugbe Ibadan.

Be updated about the latest eatery in town- Country’s Kitchen right infront of Bodija market, you sure to check to enjoy the place.


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