It is really amazing to find peace with one’s self by settling with one’s personality; Ranging from your physical looks to achievements to relationship with others and decision making.

The very first step to being satisfied with yourself is understanding who you are and being comfortable with all that is “therein”

Quickly let’s answer the question- How have we abused #SelfLove?

All the Holy books preach love for other beings, mostly in equal measure with oneself.

Recently, there has been so much buzz about #SelfLove, a trending hashtag. People obviously have a different understanding of the term.

SelfLove is not when you keep to yourself not minding what others say about you.

SelfLove is not when you have achieved working on yourself after a disappointment or heartbreak and you need to prove to another that you are doing just fine. In fact, there is a whole lot of pretense right being that sort of action.

At a point in our lives, SelfLove is almost unnecessary; if you know what you are worth. There is no harm in pouring that same amount of love on another person.[Yes hearts get broken- all almost as a result of oversight and wrong decisions]

However, do a little research and ask people who have loved healthily, they would tell you they found great joy and satisfaction in loving another person. We make huge mistakes when we gush about ourselves in ways people start to question our obsessions. This way it is hard for people to reach out to us. It is hard for us to really appreciate other people. thus, leading to more mistakes if/when we find ourselves in a relationship(s) with other people.

The discovery we make when we love others as much or more is incomprehensible compared to when we hold back and do not allow ourselves to love another.

#SelfLove to an extent is just an unhappy fellow trying so hard to show that he or she is fine when truly he is not or she is not.


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