I love, love stories. I love it when two young people fall in love with the feeling like nothing else exist; not to mention watching old folks in their grey days play around like they are still in their youths. Love is beautiful, and it’s a feeling worth experiencing with the right person. Some people say it only comes once, does it? I guess that is a food for thought.

Now that we are talking about food for thoughts; how long do you date a girl for before it feels right to propose; is it a feeling that comes natural?Or is there timing to this?Like when a girl becomes of particular age, does it become a pressure that the boyfriend proposes? Or when a guy has been able to acquire a level of comfort that regards him responsible enough to take care of a family? Not to mention tradition and culture that could mandate.

I find the love story of some few individuals so inspiring and amusing; the sacrifice, the maturity, the understanding, satisfaction and selflessness, the perfection in their imperfection (a story book love). Though some love stories had gone sour; the lies, the betrayal, cheat, the repulse and fight (such a cry); such that has destroyed the life of so many and endangered posterity.

Some would be wondering, why I have decided to write about love in March; but the rate at which almost everywhere I turn to, I see a guy kneeling down and saying those magic words “Will you Marry Me” almost gives me goose bumps.

These moments are beautiful, special; the shyness in the girl’s eyes and the obvious fact that she was caught by surprise is just epic. On a lighter mood, I have always read about this on blogs and found imaginations from movies, but to experience it; “Oh My! Oh My!

It was so funny that one of this recent experience witnessed a young man go on his kneels to propose to his girlfriend on his birthday in front of friends, and it took this lady an overwhelming eight minutes to say a shy YES, though it was a good laugh at the end of the day.

A friend of mine had a good joke about it, and was like “if it was him; before leaving the house, he would have asked the girl, ‘I would be proposing to you in front of our friends, will you say yes or no’ so he can know beforehand” because it almost felt like the lady was going to say a NO.

The other day also; I was at Shoprite, and a young man proposed to his girlfriend in front of a long queue, everyone stood still, and it followed a good clap and couple pictures; and it was a proud moment.

But what has got me curious is that; what makes proposing to a lady in public, especially in front of strangers more romantic? Is this the new way of doing things? Does that mean all men should start bracing up to follow sooth as it is the new societal accepted way of doing things? Or could it be that people do this for the five minutes fame, so that a blogger can pick up a story about them and write? Or could it be just drunk love.

I love, love stories; but which is the best way to propose the continuous journey of love? Someone should help me from this dilemma and share with us what your school of thoughts are.



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