Valentine’s Day is upon us, people! Stories have been told of guys who break up with their girls days before Valentine’s because they can’t afford the expenses associated with Cupid’s day, hoping to makeup later. Well, good luck to those ones. Others are said to have simply disappeared and reappeared when all the love and mushiness was out of the air.

For an event that comes up every year, it is easy to simply go blank and run out of ideas to make it fun, exciting and fresh each time. This is why more than cash, you need a considerable dose of creativity to make your Valentine’s Day a brand new experience for you and your Babe. Money matters, definitely, but without the right amount of new great ideas, your Valentine’s might be just as boring as that of the guy/babe without half as much cash as you. In essence, you need your cash and creativity in equal proportions.

Valentine's Day
Beans & Bread by Christie Bloom

Have you been looking for ways to make your Val’s different and more exciting than the last one? You don’t have to visit that same eatery you’ve visited for the last three Vals. Heck, you don’t have to visit any eatery this time. No, you don’t need to leave your home to have a great Valentine’s Day. Trust me, one of the best places to celebrate your partner, which is the essence of Valentine’s, is in your own home.

Rice & Dodo with Beef by Christie Bloom

We’ve been on the lookout for interesting ideas for Cupid’s Day and we found something for the adventurous souls out there. Wanna try out new stuff to spice up your Val? Be our guest.

Valentine Cupcakes by Christie Bloom.

Christie Bloom will get your mouths watering with the eclectic designs she has come up with using everyday food items. Food you would normally eat without giving much thought to their aesthetics. She took these staples and ‘reinvented’ them. There seems to be a new desire that comes with seeing something new, or something not so new that has been presented in a new way.

Valentine Cake by Christie Bloom

If you’re a foodie like me (We Should All Be Foodies!), you should be calling Christie right about now. You don’t have her number? Here: +234 807 594 0786. You all owe me one.

Happy  Valentine’s.


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