A marriage proposal is one of the most important steps in the life of a couple. The tradition of a marriage proposal is as old as the idea of marriage itself, but today’s proposal ideas are different from the way people proposed in the past.

So, how do you propose to HER?

1. Choose the right time

Assuming you’ve already decided she’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with and you’re confident she’ll say yes to the proposal, the first step in the “How to propose” guide is choosing the timing right.
Proposing on big family holidays and especially someone else’s wedding is considered to be in bad taste. Instead, you should choose a moment that is special to just the two of you: an anniversary, a romantic date night, or a vacation to a place you’ve both wanted to visit and love a lot.

2. Choose the right place

How to propose to a woman in the most memorable way? The location is a key factor! Again, the place for your proposal needs to be special and meaningful for the two of you.


After spending all that time together, you probably know what she loves the most, whether it’s the beach, the roof of a tall building, a restaurant with a view, or a camping trip.

There is no need to try too hard for a proposal – for example, by booking an entire restaurant or cinema or taking her on an overly expensive overseas vacation. A proposal is just the first step in your family history, and there will be plenty of opportunities to showcase your love in the future.

Simple proposal ideas like a picnic in the park, a hiking trip, a dinner at her favourite restaurant, or a surprise visit from both sides of your family often leave a much better impression on your future wife than a massive and crowded event that cost a fortune and took ages to plan.

3. Choose a ring

If there is one thing you can’t propose without, it’s an engagement ring. Choosing the right ring is a major part of any “How to propose a girl” guide. The two most important aspects of choosing a ring are the style and the size.
The size part is easy – simply take one of her rings discreetly, measure it yourself or get it sized by a professional jeweller, and you’ll know exactly which size to buy. The style is a much more complex challenge.
Many couples who’ve been together for a long time have had a discussion on what they like in jewellery, so if that’s your case, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect ring. You can also take a guess, or buy an inexpensive ring that will act as a temporary ring until your fiancé chooses her own engagement rings after the proposal.

4. Practice your speech

Every aspect of a marriage proposal may be challenging, but most guys especially struggle with what to say when proposing to your girlfriend. It seems like you’ll know what to say when the moment is right, but it’s better to prepare at least the highlights of your speech beforehand.
If you’re not particularly good with words under pressure, you can keep your proposal as simple as: “Darling, I love you more than words can say. Will, you make me the happiest man on Earth by agreeing to marry me?”.
Of course, a couple of little details about your special other or even a bit of humour will never hurt.


5. Do the proposal


Bending on one knee is the most traditional way to propose: over 75% of women wish to be proposed to in that way. It doesn’t matter which knee you’ll bend on – it depends on your preference.
As for the finger, the engagement ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, although some ladies prefer to wear it on the middle finger of the same hand.
In a stressful situation like a marriage proposal, things can go wrong: you can forget the speech or your fiancé can overreact by starting crying.


It won’t make the moment any less special for you two and you’ll cherish it forever.


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