Ibadan Orphanage Tour (IOT2016), held on Children’s Day May 27th 2016 in Partnership with The Beat FM 97.9 Ibadan, One African Child OAC, All Nigerian United Nations and Student and YOUTH association and JumpstartAfrica.

The event was a charity and Humanitarian Tour conveyed by One_Voice Initiative, a non – governmental Organisation with over 100+ Volunteers  involving the IbadanInsider Team led by Mr Adeyemi Oba (@UrbanCulture06), Student within the University of Ibadan and other higher institutions.


The event involved the Donation of Monetary assistance, Cash, kind and Materials to over 7 Orphanages and Motherless Homes within Ibadan.

We plan to cover more less privileged Homes during upcoming Orphanage Tours as this was the maiden edition.

At One_Voice Initiative, we plan to emulate and propagate the aims and objectives of the United Nations towards empowerment of women and Children especially the less privileged ones.

The event started at about 9am with a visit to Children of Promise Orphanage Home, Ibadan Motherless Babies home and Cheshire Homes of Disabled among a few. The event came to a Halt at Jesus Children’s Ministries Outreach, Bodija Ibadan.

The event had the Hashtag #BETHEVOICE with all Volunteers spotting the Vest conveying the Message “We are all Orphans”.

One_Voice Initiative (OVi) is a registered NGO established on the 5th of March 2016.

Many children are born into the world on a daily basis. Some have parents, others don’t get that luxury. Some are born perfect, others have to live with disabilities. Some get love and care, Others?..Not so much. Now these others can we say they’re unlucky ? or that we are lucky? or should we say its punishment for sins of their parents? Questions we always ask.

Every human was brought to life to fulfill a certain purpose, no matter the circumstances surrounding their birth or life as a Whole, Some get to fulfill these purpose and again some don’t. Sometime, its not their Fault, its cause life hasn’t been fair to them.

We as Human have a compassionate nature to us, to help a brother, assist a sister, put a smile on a child’s face .and that’s what OVI is all about…… Being the voice.

One_Voice Initiative is all about being a voice to the Voiceless, making somebody’s life better, exploiting the compassionate nature of fellow humans to help somebody fulfill that purpose in life especially people life has been unfair to.

The coming events and the next edition of the IOT promises to be fun.

The coming events:
*Fitness For Funds in July.
*Independent Day event in October.

Olayinka Joseph Adebajo,
One_Voice Initiative,


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