Hello, folks, thanks for joining us once again on Ibadan Insider Personality Interviews. The MTN Project Fame Season 9 has come and gone, with all its ups and downs. Our personality today was one of those who participated in the musical talent competition and experienced those ups and downs. She was Ibadan’s only representative to the event, where she made us proud and  almost made her way into the final round before she was eliminated. Her name is Blessing, and she shares her thoughts on getting to such a big stage, her musical career and what is next for her after the bright lights and cameras of Project Fame 9. Read and enjoy


Blessing, thanks for Joining us on Ibadan Insider Personality Interviews today

It is my pleasure and thanks for having me around

We would like for you to introduce yourself so that our readers will  know who you are?

Alright, My name is Falodun Blessing Oluwamayowa, popularly known as Bella, I am a 400 level student of Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan. I am a professional singer I come  from Ekiti state but I have lived all my life here in Ibadan.

How did you get into Project Fame?

I have been watching the show (Project Fame) since the time that Iyanya, Chidinma and Oyinkansade participated in the event.  and I had also watched  many other singing competitions like Project Fame. I was already a singer myself before then but I had not put out any major project by then (at the time the Project Fame auditions came up). It was my mother who suggested that I go for one of these talent competitions. I decided to try for the Project Fame Auditions when other  people that have heard me sing kept talking to me about. I registered at 12 midnight of the closing date.


What was the process like?                      

After the  registration, we then had  the general auditions. I scaled through Ibadan audition both the  first and second round. From there I moved to the  top twenty-four  and then I qualified for  the top eighteen in Lagos. It was at the top eighteen that I nearly got totally eliminated along with others. I had been sent home, but I surprisingly  got called back again because so many people liked my video. I am  grateful to you all for that. After that, I auditioned again with five others to gain admission into the Academy and  that was how the whole journey begin.

Tell us about the experience at the Academy?

Wow, I must confess that  the experience was awesome to the point of  overwhelming .  I have been singing for a while, so I thought I knew it all. However It became apparent (while I was in the academy) there is a lot I have been missing, a lot of stuff to edit and plenty of areas to get better in. After weeks in the Academy, I have now realized that there are huge gaps I need to bridge in my knowledge and in my music. Being a great musician is not just about your voice, it is mostly about great performance and  connecting with the audience.


What was the interaction between you and other contestants at the Academy?

My relationship with them all is good. It takes a while for me to really bond with new friends, though, so I can’t really say that I am particularly close to any of my fellow contestants. However, I relate with all of them smooth and good even now that the event has come to an end. We have a Whatsapp group where we catch up on gist.

So how did you cope with having  the camera constantly rolling around you during your time at the Academy?

I tell you, it’s a hard. It felt like the whole world was looking at me, which it really is. I had to try my best to be composed all the time, I had to portray a classy and positive character for weeks, and there was barely any chance to let my hair down and have the kind of fun I want. Later, though, everything just became natural and  I got used to it and flowed along quite nicely.


Ditching school exam for the competition?

You know how the saying goes about how “opportunity comes once.” Many people  may call me crazy and silly for taking such a step, but I am is a kind of person  that grabs opportunities as hot as it comes. I am a “just do it” type of girl and  I don’t have qualms about taking risks like that. So in terms of  regrets, I have none. Still, it wasn’t an easy decision, but to God be the glory.

So, is there any conflict between your education and your music at the moment?

No, it has been settled. Everything is good now.


How did you feel being evicted after giving the competition so much and getting so close to the final round?

It was heartbreaking, I felt terrible. I think (the reason I was eliminated)  was that I did not do much buzz for myself. I made little preparation about the buzz because i was confident that (my colleagues in UI) and  the entire Ibadan got my back. So when my name was announced (for elimination), I had this unsure look on my face. I later got to know some Ibadan social media influencers and bloggers helped with the voting awareness, I am really grateful for all that. Even though I didn’t make the final round I still totally appreciate the effort and support to Blessing (given by the Ibadan folks).

Now that you are out of the academy, and indeed the competition is now over, what are your plans for the future?

I want to move on. My aim is to get better in my music career. I want to make a mark, push this (my music career) further. In case you didn’t notice, some contestants in the past who  didn’t win Project Fame(the editions the participated in) are today big and successful in  their music careers.


Do you plan on going  for Project Fame again or any other  musical talent competition for that matter?

Oh well, I have never thought of that, but now that you mentioned it. I might try again for another competition sometimes next year depends on how things go from this point.

What do you call your genre of music?

Afro Pop, R&B, Soul, that kind of sound and groove, nothing too loud or fast.


Who are your role models and  do you have any artiste/musicians you dream of  having a collaboration with?

Yes! I do. I like Jennifer Hudson, Asa, Waje, Simi and couple of others. To be on a song with Asa will be a big dream come through, I am a huge fan and disciple of Asa. I think she is an amazing musician.

Let’s talk about your favourite things and the hidden talents you think you have?

My favourite color is Pink, Green, Purple. I like fried rice and chicken. As for if I have any hidden talents, I can do a few hair plaits, I also make beads and I am also a decent baker but I am certainly not at a  professional level at those things.

So How can we catch up with you on social media?

You can catch up with me on Instagram @iambellasings and Twitter is @Blessing_PFame

Thanks Blessing for find time to chat with us and all the best in your career

It is  my pleasure and thanks.


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