Hello, thanks for joining us on another edition of people of Ibadan. Today we are chatting with a well-known face in Ibadan entertainment. He is an award-winning comedian and M.C, and one of the fastest rising young M.Cs in theNigerian entertainment scene. He is also the brain behind one of the biggest comedy shows in Ibadan, Rendevous. Our guest is none other than the one and only Shetecomedian.


Shete Comedian, thanks for joining us on People Of Ibadan today

The Pleasure is mine, as always

Almost everybody who follows the entertainment scene in Ibadan knows Shete the Comedian, but can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Akinshete Olakunle popularly known as SHETE, I am a  proud comedian of  the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I am from Ondo town but I was born  and grew up here in Ibadan. I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife where I studied Local Government Studies.


How did you get into comedy?

Making people laugh has  always been in my blood, I remember being very good at  mimicking people and things when I was a child and drawing so much laughter out of members of  my immediate family and my friends.So I will say that I just built on the passion I already had and decided to go professional.

Why did you not follow through with what you studied in school?

Actually, I was already a comedian even before I got into University at all. I feel Comedy came  to me  before  any University certificate. This is not me in any way trying to demean the value of education, my point is that I prefer what I do now  to pursuing a career in the course I studied at the University.


How did your parents react when you told them you were going to chose comedy over every other thing?

They have been really really supportive. They have really been great, especially with prayers and words of encouragement. To be honest, at first, they were skeptical about a career in comedy. Of course, as you know, every parent wants to be father or mother of  a Doctor, Lawyer, or a Politician but choosing a  career in comedy felt  strange and new (to them). They had no choice but to give in when I remained resolute and convinced that a career in comedy was what I wanted to pursue.

So do you think Comedy is profitable enough in Nigeria to be a full-time career?

I am a comedian by choice, I am not under duress. If comedy was not paying my bills, I would have dusted my certificate (and used it to find paid employment) or learned a trade long ago. make hunger no kill me, (laughs).


What are the Challenges You have experienced as  a comedian in a city like Ibadan?

Challenge is only a bus-stop in Ibadan, (laughs). Well, I believe whatever path you choose in life automatically comes with challenges. Comedians then were being priced like tomatoes in a market.  We used to get paid ridiculously low amounts for shows. I have also been in situations where I crack jokes and people don’t laugh or  start to boo me. things are getting better these days though, thank God for where we are.

From Your own perspective, what are the things that are not right in Ibadan comedy and how can it be corrected?

You can’t expect a child to walk same day he or she  is born. At the moment everything is going on well with the industry in Ibadan and a lot of new cool stuff is happening. Everyone is contributing their own quota, so I believe we are getting there gradually.


Do you have role models in comedy industry?

Of course who doesn’t? I have a lot of comedians  that I respect so much and look up to. There is Alli Baba, Gbenga Adeyinka, Omo Baba, Bash, Seyi Law and  others too numerous to mention.

Do you have proteges, upcoming comedians who are looking up to you?

Yes, I have aspiring comedians that I groom and mentor as I was mentored too. I have about six or seven of them and I give them  opportunities to showcase themselves at my shows.


What has been your high point so far through your sojourn into comedy?

I had an  indigenous pace setting show in Ibadan last year, that is Rendezvous  2015. It is something I have always wanted to do and to God be the glory, it was a huge success.

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz on social media that another edition of this show is coming up this year.

Yes, the news is true. The 2016 edition is coming up 0n November 13th and promises to be fun. There will be a long lineup of comedians, musicians and other talents to thrill people at Rendevous with Shete. Rendezvous 2016 is going to be bigger and better , you all should watch out for it.


Any other project you are working on at the moment, that we should know about?

Yes, I have a lot of stuff coming up. Asides from Rendezvous with Shete 2016 coming up  on November 13th that I have already told you about, I have a whole lot of other stuff coming too. Just keep your eyes on Shete. That is all I will say for now

How can fans connect with you?

Yes, everyone is welcome to connect with me via Instagram, kindly follow @shetecomedian now. Thank you so much for your love and support always, stay loyal and watch out for Rendezvous 2016 on November 13th.



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