I got to meet another amazing personality.Her name is “OYINDAMOLA” from “HOUSE OF NATURALS”and she is the mastermind behind the first natural hair meet-up in Ibadan.


House of naturals is a brand that provides a forum for natural hair.


“It was inspired by Lagos natural hair meetups that I had to travel to attend. Many were quite expnsive to attend. I wanted to create something of the sort here in Ibadan. A forum for naturalists to come together “.

When did you start?


The idea was conceived August 2015 with a cofounder “EZEILO CHISOM”, who called with an idea to start up a hair blog, but it further became a meet up. We thought of a name that was both accommodating and homely, so “house of naturals” came up.


We started with the first meet up and invited a set of speakers including “FOLU AJAYI” from house of dabira. We had 4 other of people join us and we planned the event. I remember being quite nervous about the event days before. I wasn’t sure if people will turn up or how everything was going to turn out. It turned out being amazing, and we had support from “EJI BLESSING”. We had a very large turnout, which was beyond our expectations. We has giveaways and one of our sponsors was “amalia hair care”




“We had challenges with big brands we asked to sponsor us. Most were asking for the number of followers we had. They could not see what we were trying to do, but were mostly concerned with if we had a following and what we could offer them”.


In 2016,we actually got some brands to support us, mostly from Lagos and one from Ghana. In fact, we had so many products from a particular brand, that we had to restrict the amount they sent in. We had 6 vendors and it was themed “Hair meets Fashion”. We had 3 speakers. A makeup artist, a photographer who is a medical school graduate. Ekenne, of Kink & I came down from Lagos .Although we had a low turnout for the event compared to the last one, but we got a lot of positive feedback.



We have been having requests and we are considering having the meetup twice a year. But because we have hardly any major brand as a sponsor, we have to put in more efforts and count the cost. But we are considering another one for May and October next year.



“We plan to launch a blog before December. It’s going to be a natural hair network, where you can meet other naturalists and get to encourage each other. We have been able to achieve a lot so far.I know of 5 ladies who turned naturalist because of me and we just want to encourage people to embrace their natural hair.

We also plan to start a product line for natural hair in the future too”.


“My name is AJIBIKE OYINDAMOLA, I was born and bred in Ibadan. I am a student of COMPUTER SCIENCE at the UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN.I am a lifestyle blogger, photographer, poet and I like eating amala. I am also a hair stylist and we do home service “.



” I am a big fan of braids and I had the notion that natural hair is expensive. My hair had not been doing so great with relaxers. So around May, I had a conversation with a naturalist friend of mine and I got interested in it. I then decided to do the “big chop”. I got a lot of negative comments,from people and sometimes the shrinkage can be quite frustrating, but I was happy with my natural hair, so I didn’t mind. I then got to realize that natural hair was actually inexpensive to maintain.Although there are products out there that cost as much as #6000,and this has given people the notion that keeping natural hair is expensive. I usually just use shea butter, coconut oil, and water. Although I do buy hair products when I can afford that, but that’s just my basic routine. I love my hair because it gives me the ability to switch up my looks. I can go for braids, fix and switch back to my natural hair”.



“I own a lifestyle blog called lifeofdammy.com. I started out the blog in December 2014. I am a bit of an introvert, so I just wanted somewhere I could express myself, what I think about life and relate with people. I write on photography, my opinions, fashion, and my interests”.

“The blog has about 200 posts and 300 followers. At a time when I had challenges with laziness and writer’s block, I challenged myself to blog every day. I know there are thousands of blogs out there and it’s quite competitive. For me, it’s more of a hobby. It’s fun and cool and I get to meet other wonderful bloggers out there”.


“I picked up photography from my dad who is a fine artist and I have loved it since I was about 7 yrs old. I got into it around October 2015. I joined my departmental press and went for a photography and design class. I later got a camera and started taking shots. I can’t say I am a pro yet but I am passionate about it and would love to delve into it further”


  • Embrace your hair. Don’t compare your texture or length with others.
  • Never leave out the place of your satin bonnet or silk scarf
  •  Find a hair regimen that works for you. Just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. I know of a lady who uses banana and palm oil for her hair and it works for her. So do find one that works for you and stick to it.
  • Moisturize
  • Use organic products and make your own if possible.
  • Be patients and have fun with your hair

She is amazing right? well, we think she is. Unfortunately, she had her weave on and we can’t see her beautiful curls.But you can check her out on her blog at lifeofdammy.com and also on Instagram @mystique_dammy.

You can also follow house of naturals on Instagram @ Houseofnaturals.dsc_0099Photography by: @Portleage (www.portleagueweb.com)


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