The highlight of my job is getting to meet very amazing people every week.Its no different this time.Meet Olowu Daisy Efemame, she’s a News anchor at Galaxy TV and an all round superwoman.

First of all-Introductions

My Name is Olowu Daisy Efemame Oyindamola. I work in a media house, Galaxy TV. I’m a newscaster, presenter and a producer. I was born in Ibadan, although i didn’t grow up in Ibadan but after a while I decided to come aback here.

olowu daisy

How Did you get into Media?

When I was in school, I lost interest in my course, so I decided to start broadcasting.I went for my first audition at harvest FM, that’s radio Nigeria in Benue state.I schooled in Benue State University, where I studied Computer Science. I moved here and then did some training at Galaxy TV training school. Then I went for NYSC, where I was posted to Benin, I was with the “OBS” in camp and then I started working with Independent TV and radio where I worked as a newscaster and producer. Then I back came to Ibadan and to Galaxy television.

olowu daisy


Why Ibadan?

 I do not like loud places,so places like Lagos is not really for me. I believe if anyone wants to genuinely find themselves, it has to be on this kind of platform where everything is balanced and then you can work based on the fact that it is who you are and what you know how to do.Not because you know somebody in high places or because you want to be the trending person in the environment.I think Ibadan is a very cool place.

olowu daisy


In university, I took a lot of counselling courses online and I decided to counsel. I learnt to understand myself first and I decided the knowledge I have, I should put it in writing. At first I was blogging about myself,things that happened to me, but later I decided to blog about what people should do the right way.The truth is our values are fast diminishing and I wanted to remind people that we should do the right things. I decided to blog about motivational topics. Things that inspire and will teach people to always do the right things.

olowu daisy

Why do you blog more about Relationships?

We have forgotten about the things we should actually remember. If you look back 20 yrs ago, relationship isn’t done the way we do it now. A lot of people go into relationships because of what they stand to gain. So I felt it was time we start thinking from a different perspective. That’s why i talk a lot about relationships, I want ladies and guys to always remember the essence of coming together in the first place.

olowu daisy

Inspirational Speaker?

A Lot of times I have been able to talk to young ones in schools . Although I prefer to talk to people online, because sometimes when you talk to people face to face, they could get distracted with what you look like or their opinions about you. But online, its much for them to concentrate on what you have to say. As an inspirational speaker,one has to understand that not everyone would be able to share what’s wrong with them, so you have to learn to reach out to people and be there for them.


olowu daisy

What projects have you worked on?

Before now I had a counselling page. I also worked with school children while I was in Benin, but I had to shut that down when i moved here.I’m working on a lot of projects at the moment,but I’m still trying to sink into Ibadan. A lot of people have some wrong orientation about the city, forgetting that a lot of people have come through here. So, I’m just trying to study my environment and get people who are going to accept whatever I come up with.

olowu daisy

Life as a news anchor!

We don’t have a personal life basically.Although compared with being in entertainment,i think the platforms are different. As a news anchor, we are much more stricter and we have to be careful of what we  do. We think more about what we want to learn and how to build up ourselves. We are very extremely careful about what to say and how people perceive us. We just work and try to be updated.Before now I was into entertainment program,I then decided to move to inspirational programs, because I liked to challenge myself. I think the entertainment industry has a lot of trash in it and I believe if you look into it, the news industry is still serene, to some extent. But for now I’m still here.

olowu daisy


Any Challenges as a woman in Media?

I don’t think for me, there are challenges.I’m someone who tasks myself a lot, so I like to do a lot of things that men do. I think the world is past that issue of women not being able to do things men do. I can’t remember the last time an “OAP” said she was harassed. The industry is big enough, so I think we are all doing very fine.

Challenges with Fame?

This things are normal and we are used to it. It’s the life we live. I don’t feel threatened. I can walk on the street and use a bus or cab, this is Nigeria and there are no paparazzi’s following us. I don’t brag about anything, after all we have been in other places before we got here.So, i just interact with people normally.

olowu daisy

Advice for people who want to go into this line of work!

My advice is if you don’t have it, you don’t have it.If you want to go into this job, you have to be sure you have it.You also have to understand that when you are in, you should be committed to it and don’t get discouraged. People might not know you at first. You can start by being a reporter, script editor, or part of a production. Take your time and grow. I did free of charge for 4 years and that did not deter me.Focus more on growing yourself and go through training’s, because this gives you an edge.

People talk about our accent, and us being fake,but this is our job and what we do. We Nigerians follow the British and so there is a specific mannerism of speech we follow.When you try to understand and use the correct English,you would talk in that manner.So know what you are doing and don’t just be there because others are there.

olowu daisy

 You can follow her on Instagram @ justdaisynow

Pictures by “portleague photography” @portleague



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