Every radio listener in Ibadan at a point must have heard the name Radio 2by2. He is the sweet voice that comes on every night on Naija FM 102.7 Ibadan.

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We will like for you to tell us more about yourself

My real name is Wisdom George popularly called Radio 2by2 or Obaara, an On Air Personality at Naija FM 102.7 Ibadan and leader of a professional gospel band. I come  from Akwa Ibom but I have  lived all my life here in Ibadan. I speak Yoruba fluently. So in a way   Ibadan is my city too.

What was growing up like for you?

  It was great, nothing extraordinary. I grew up in a Christian family at Oke-Itunu. Later we (my family) moved to Leventis, all in Ibadan. I attended Jericho High School, Eleyele and rest of my education here also. I am the fourth child out of six.


How did you become an OAP?                                                  

  Firstly, it is all by the grace and will of God. It all started when I was working as a junior staff  at Megalectrice, the firm that owns Beat FM, Naija FM, Classic FM and other properties. Over time, I developed an interest in talking on air, interacting with the public and solving people’s problems in my own way. After working with the firm for a while, my boss called me to tell me that if  I want to be an OAP then he would be  willing to give me a chance. I went for training in Lagos, I was mentored by Olisa Adibua, Vickie Alozie, Wale Ozolua, Chidinma Nduka-Uba, Hakeem Oyato, Ajebo. After my training, I came back to Ibadan and started working on air  around October 2015.

What does it take to be an OAP?

  Passion mostly. A career in the media generally requires passion and not just doing it because you need a job. You have to be social, be aware of happenings around the world in real-time. You don’t necessarily have to study Mass Communication or any related course in school. I know people that studied Accounting, Nursing, and various other non-Mass Communication-related fields, yet  they are great Radio Presenters.


From your assessment of Radio and Radio programmes in Ibadan,what are the things you think are not being done properly?

  Radio personalities or shall I say people in the media generally should understand how powerful the influence they have on the public is,  so they should be careful what they feed to their listeners. Also, most radio stations in Ibadan undermine the  importance of social media, if you have  noticed, my show trends on twitter every night till the  next day, so do other programmes on Naija FM and Beat FM. That’s how to drive traffic and get people to listen. There are a lot of new cool stuff  gradually coming to Ibadan radios, Naija and Beat FM are  now on Apple Music and we also stream the  English Premier League live.

What are the challenges You have faced so far as an OAP?

I can’t really call this  a challenge, but there are now a lot of  new stations and lots of new OAPs. That means I have to drive myself hard to be unique and better, it is how life is. This doesn’t mean I have anything against anyone, though, I have a cordial relationship with all the OAPs in my station and other stations too.

Are there any other things you do asides from being an OAP?

Yes, I am a gospel musician and perform at events like birthdays, coronations, weddings especially. My band is  a full professional band, not a one man keyboard band, I actually got the name “Obaara” on stage while Radio 2by2 is the on-air name.


How are you able to balance being OAP, Gospel Singer and  your personal life?

I understand my schedule and able to manage my way around it. My show is in the night so I do most of my other stuff during the day. I love my job and I don’t have anything to complain about.

Are you married?                                                                          

No o, married ke! No o {laughs}

If you did not become  an OAP, what would you have become?

An engineer, a computer engineer. I once worked in a computer firm around Dugbe Ibadan and I learned a lot of new skills.

Let’s talk about your favourite things to do ?

  My favourite color is White and Red, My food is Pounded yam and Efo but if I have to do it hometown style then its Edikang Ikong soup, I wear native mostly rather than shirts and lastly my favourite song at least for the moment is “One and Only” by Korede Bello. My hobbies are playing football, reading and traveling.


What are your long term goals?

  Well, I have a lot of things  still in stock. The key thing for me, however, is moving forward and getting better, some skills I want to learn and some I will grow out of.

How can fans connect with you?

I  am mostly on social media, kindly follow me on IG: @obaara1 and Twitter @georgewisdom3. Remember to listen to my show 9pm on Naija FM 10.7 and join the conversation with hashtag #Radio2by2 on twitter. Thank you





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