We hooked up with a wonderful personality at our studio here at Ibadan insider, her name is Adeyinka Adefemi, of the M.A.D network. She’s a wonderful woman and you are definitely going to be inspired by what the M.A.D Network does.


The Make A Difference Network, a.k.a the M.A.D network, is not actually a network of insanity or craziness as you may think, but according to her, “it is a social enterprise focused on youth development, capacity building, and leadership education”. “We create a platform where young people can be built and exposed to experiences that spur growth”. “Our focus is on children, teenagers, adolescent and young adults”.

So what prompted you to start the “MAD Network”?

“I was inspired by God, to work with people to stand out of their challenges, captivity and cause a change. I got the vision from the story of Shadrach, meshack, and abdenego, in the bible, who stood out of captivity and caused a change in Babylon.” “I started out by organizing a pre-tertiary program, to enlighten teenagers on what to face in a tertiary environment”.


With all you have done so far, can you say you are getting results?

“I would say yes we are getting results. The effect of what we do is gradual and it might take a time to measure, but from all we have seen so far, I believe we are”.


Can you share your success stories with us?

“In 2014, we had a program on the prevention of teenage pregnancy with over 150 students in attendance. The program helped enlighten and built pride and confidence in the students, in which some of them ended up starting up various things on their own”.

In 2015, we did a mini makeover for an orphanage. We were able to speak to those children and let them see beyond their situation and beyond themselves. We did some cleaning and repairs for them, and this inspired other people to come in to contribute and continue where we left off.

In 2016, we had we had a healthcare checkup for children, which was also a fundraiser for less privileged children.

“We have engaged about 580 secondary students in Ibadan directly on positive values, goal setting & vision,leadership, and prevention of the incidence of teenage pregnancy. Also on Peer pressure & proper decision making, and our engagements result in first, a change of perspective for about 80% of these students. It has also resulted in a 20% reduction of ill behavior amongst the students in their schools.  We have also pioneered community development actions that attracted bigger players to contribute to the process of development, after we were done, as in the case of the orphanage outreach”


How has the response from the society been since you started?

People are a bit skeptical about what we do at first, because of the bad reputation on the ground about organizations who have funnel fund into their pocket and all, but they become more receptive when they key into what we are trying to do, and when there is something in it for them.

How have you been able to source for funds?

We try different methods besides seeking for sponsors. We try to exchange funds for something else. We run paid training, which is a way to generate funds. We always try to come up with innovative programs that can generate funds and also benefit those who attend. This is a way we try to curb the lazy and begging mentality in people who prefer free stuff. We also create CSV products for organizations that would like to give back to the society.


Do you partner with other organizations?

“Yes we do, every program we have or training we run, we always make sure we partner with at least one other body. We have done so with MetroEyes, the Palms, KDFYEC, TWC Confectioneries, Bookatarian Consult, Secondary Schools & administrations. Professionals who volunteer on our causes, a branch of Living Faith Church, PNY/MAYEIN, and a host of passionate young Nigerians that join us to make a difference.

So what do you have coming up?

Employability workshop: Which is organized to shift people’s focus from just wanting a job, but standing out and becoming employable.

Teach Value-Add Value: This is a leadership training for secondary school leaders, which are the prefects. We do this in collaboration with their schools around the time they are being elected.

Orphanage Outreach: We do this seasonally.


So tell us a bit about yourself?

“My name is Adeyinka Adefemi, I’m the last girl of 4 children. I was born and grew up in Lagos. I spent different times of my life in various cities, Lagos, Osogbo, Ogun state, and in Osun state where I studied psychology at Obafemi Awolowo University, before finally coming to live in Ibadan in 2013”.

“I love to write, listen to music, I love toast bread too.

“I’m into digital communication management, I’m also a content developer and I serve and teach in teenager’s church and write CV’s”. I’m also a public speaker, moderator, and an MC”.

“I do Aso Oke for all occasions, the name of the outfit is Temi Ofi. I blog on thotstoshare.wordpress.com and owambecode.wordpress.com”.

It was really awesome meeting you.

“It was wonderful being here. Thanks for inviting me”.

So, here you have it. That’s a wrap of our interview with Adeyinka Adefemi of the M.A.D network. Isn’t she awesome? If you love her as much as we do, you can hook up with her on

Facebook: Adeyinka Adefemi

Twitter: @adeyinkaadefemi

You can also check out the M.A.D network on

Facebook: Make a difference network



Photography by: @Portleage (www.portleagueweb.com)


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