Name of Product: Bigi Cola

Retail Price: N100

Ratings: 4 stars


BIGI COLALast Saturday was almost hell for me. I walked around Dugbe market shopping for one thing or the other. The sun was really annoying and the sellers were frustrating. I got to a store to buy a few items. I could barely stand so I asked for a sit. The store owner saw how tired I  was and  asked if i would like a drink. Why won’t I like a drink? I gladly said  ‘yes!’.

She asked what drink I would love I told her anything cold. I just needed a refreshing cold drink at that moment. She brought me Bigi Cola drink from her mini Refrigerator. It was very chill.  That was my second time of seeing the Bigi Cola. The first time was at the motor park. At first, I was skeptical about taking it but I was very thirsty and tired and I was shy to reject the generous offer.

I decided to take a sip but I had drank more than half of the bottle before I stopped. wow! Bigi Cola brought me back to life! It tasted so refreshing and  spurred my weakened state to life køb cialis. The taste was really enriching and awesome. The fact that it was chill was just really cool.

I did not even know when I finished the whole bottle. For someone like me who is not really a fan of cola’m not really a fan of cola, finishing the bottle is a miracle.  I prefer to take the other variants of soft drinks but Bigi cola has made me a fan of cola.

Bigi soft drink is a sparkling lovely refreshing sweet crisp tasty soft drink with a great fruity taste. It is very refreshing and suits every occasion when served or taken. Also it has a satisfying taste that will always keep you asking for more and best when served chilled.

Bigi cola comes in variants of Apple, Lemon-lime, Orange, and cola. Bigi has got a super taste and is indeed super refreshing. Its varieties of flavours leaves one spoilt for choice, which is really awesome. Bigi Cola cost much less than some other brands of soft drinks. The retail price is N100


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