Many people know about the health benefits of ginger tea. It has a large amount of vitamin C which makes it indispensable for the rehabilitation and prevention of colds. It also has a spicy, very aromatic smell and a sharp, specific taste. And the huge amount of essential amino acids makes it just a necessary product in most diet!


Here are a few more health benefits and uses of ginger you might not know about;


*For medical purposes, it is used for massage, as well as in the treatment of certain skin diseases and injuries.  People use both the shredded root and ginger oil derived from it.

*It is also used to treat ulcers and boils.

*Anti-inflammatory effect and effective fight against cold are also a few ginger drink benefits.

*Ginger tea strengthens the body’s cardiovascular system, thins the blood;
*It improves digestion – eliminates excess gases, removes toxins;
*It cleans the liver;
*It stimulates brain activity;
*It is able to enhance potency;
*It effectively treats colds and flu;
*It is an effective remedy for weight loss since the essential oils of ginger accelerate metabolic processes in the body;
*It strengthens the memory;
*One more important health benefit of ginger is that it improves the condition of the skin and hair. It helps keep the hair shiny, skin smooth and eyes clear!


Ginger Tea Recipes

*Brew 2-3 cm ginger root (cut it in into thin slices) in the morning in a 2-liter thermos and drink it during the day (half a glass before or after meals).
To get the most benefits out of ginger and honey tea, cut the ginger into thin slices, cover with water and boil it for 15 minutes. After the tea has cooled to 37 degrees, add honey and lemon juice.

*Effective recipe for weight loss: This tea type is named “Weekend tea” because drinking it causes frequent urge to use the toilet. This recipe helps not only to lose weight but also to eliminate toxins. For this type of tea, add a little buckthorn bark or senna grass to ginger tea, and add honey to your taste. Drink during the day in small quantities.


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