Its really true that laughter is brightest where food is best. I just couldn’t wait to share my experience at Mowunmi Onisasun Restaurant here. Believe me, you got to go there too.  I went there along with a couple of colleagues. The first thing I noticed was the fact the restaurant is quite easy to locate, it’s located at the centre of Ibadan. On entering the restaurant, i was expecting to see a big pot of soup by a corner with a fat woman sitting next to it and a group of sweaty women pounding yam or turning Amala. I didn’t find any of those at all.


mowunmi onisasun


Instead, I saw neatly arranged tables and seats in a well ventilated room. Wow! is the word i muttered within me. I was about to ask my colleague “Are you sure we entered an Amala joint? I have not come to eat rice o”  when the bright smile of a young pretty woman cut my thoughts as she directed us to a seat. I just kept saying “wow” within me. Afterwards, our orders were taken and I kept on chatting with my colleagues freely. The lighting in the room was really cool, there were like three windows where I sat so the ventilation was perfect.


mowunmi onisasun


By the time our orders arrived, I became more hungry. The way the Amala was pressed on the beautiful round plate was really tempting, the stew and ewedu occupied the small pit in the Amala and the delicious looking Tripe and Sirloin (inu eran) were just there standing and waiting for my now salivating throat. Really, I cannot find the best description of the meal.


The amala was served with fork. Fork? who will use fork to eat Amala? not me o, I quickly asked where I could wash my hands and I was directed to a neat sink with running tap although there was no soap. In fact, I was surprised when I was directed to a sink  I had thought I would be given a bowl or directed to one like most restaurants do. By the time I dug my hand into the meal, I was deeply wishing for that moment not to end.

The ewedu had some melon in it, the gbegiri was smooth but not watery, the stew was just the perfect match for the stew. One special thing that I admired about the meal is that the oil in the food was not excessive compared to some I had tasted in the past. So, the health of people are taken into consideration at this Mowunmi Onisasun.

By the time I finished the Amala, I forgot my manners and used the last inu eran to clear the uncleared *abula in the plate. mehn, it was an indescribable experience. This is not exaggeration. The Amala was super succulent. The (stew and ewedu) that accompanied the amala was just on point. as if that was not enough, well Tripe and Sirloin (inu eran) were yummy. the meal was simply fantastic.

mowunmi onisasun
Apart from that, I ate comfortably without distractions, the ventilation in the restaurant was indeed perfect, the surrounding is very neat; it doesn’t look like the regular amala joints with bowls and flies flying around.
After my meal, I was in no hurry to rush out, I took my time to listen to music showing on the television there and relaxed my body and continued gisting with my colleagues. I felt so comfortable, it was just as if I was home.

In all, the food was innovative and beautifully cooked and presented. Staff was knowledgeable and rather fun, it’s lovely to see people enjoy their job! Food was promptly served and cooked to perfection. A nice selection of drinks were on offer in a lovely atmosphere at Mowunmi Onisasun.

I got my colleagues to state something about their experience at Mowunmi Onisasun too, see what they feel below;


Alright, so the environment of the eatery was really serene and clean, which reinforced my believe that the amala I was going to devour would be awesome. I can boldly say that I wasn’t disappointed after the mountain of amala turned to a valley. The food was really awesome and it was a wonderful experience.


To be fair, i had always had this phobia for eating out; the environment that irritates and the superstitions about locally served food in public restaurants. It was not just the food alone that got me; it was the environment, the hospitality would make me take 20 wraps of amala without knowing it. Also, the fact that you could get awesome locally made food at same price you would have gotten it in a dirty and sweaty one.

mowunmi onisasun

All this enjoyment and hospitality was just for  500 naira (plus drinks). Some other fantastic meals are also sold at the restaurant. You should visit Mowunmi Onisasun too for a wonderful meal experience and an exciting moment.

Name of Restaurant: Mowunmi Onisasun

Average cost of a meal plus drinks: N500

Location: Ring-Road, Ibadan.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Open Hours: Monday to Sunday; Friday: till dawn






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