PRICE: N120 per sachet

RATING: Four and a Half stars

Power cooking oil has become my favourite cooking oil for over 3 months now. The first thing that attracted me to this Power Oil was its price. The price is so cheap compared to other brands of cooking oil. The first day I saw it, I thought to myself, why buy unbranded oil when I can buy branded oil for almost the same price?

Unbranded oil has been the go-to cooking oil for me since I was a child. So I had become so used to it without considering the health hazards that could develop from consuming them.

Most of these unbranded oils are fattening and cholesterol-full. They are not healthy. Most of them are carried in several dirty containers & kegs and sold in small polythene bags and re-used bottles. This provides many avenues for adulteration with deadly chemicals and chances of contamination with germs and insects.

Apart from the fact that power oil is cheap, it has a high quality. I have used it to cook several meals and I can confirm that the quality of the power cooking oil is impressive. Moreover, it is non-fattening and cholesterol-free.

Power oil is simply giving consumers quality at affordable prices. This non-fattening and cholesterol-free cooking oil is designed to suit the purchasing power of varying consumers in the market. It is available in a 140 ml sachet and 750ml/3-litre bottles, depending on buyer’s preferences.

POWER OILHowever, I think the packaging of the product should be improved on. The package of the small sachet should come with a covered straw or something that can enable users to keep the product for use another time. Sometimes, I just want to fry an egg and I need a small quantity of oil. With that packaging, it would be difficult to keep the remaining contents. The option I, however, go for is to pour the contents into another container I have at home.

Apart from this, power cooking oil is perfect for cooking any meal. I have tried it and I give it a four and a half stars.



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