Product ID

Product: Phone

Model: Samsung Galaxy On 5

Rating : Two stars

Product Specification

Sim : Dual Sim

Type: TFT capactive touchscreen, 16M

Size: 5.0 inches

OS: Andriod OS, v5.1

Memory: 8GB, 1.5GB RAM

Battery : Removable Li-Ion 2600 mAh

When I got this phone,  I was so excited. I felt like ‘mehn’ I finally I own a Samsung phone!’ You would not believe I started having issues with this phone the day I got it. First, it was the storage. I had lots of apps on my former 1GB RAM Andriod phone, so I thought my new 1.5GB RAM Samsung would be much better. So, I transferred all my apps to the phone and installed about 7 apps.

I got the shock of my life when a message popped up saying the internal memory was full. Are you kidding me? ‘These guys must be joking’ was all I kept saying to myself. Does it mean there is a limit to the number of apps I can have on my phone? That can’t be true. In fact I began to think that I had purchased a fake product.

To affirm my thoughts and doubts, I decided to surf the internet to check reviews of the phone, and I discovered that I wasn’t the only one having issues with it. What was the problem? How could I purchase a such an expensive phone and not get value for my money?

As if that was not enough, another problem popped up with the camera. The phone boasts a 5mp secondary camera, but it is not as sharp and clear as other Samsung phones I see around. When my friends bring out their phones to take pictures, I dare not bring mine out.

To complicate matters, the phone’s audio quality is really bad. I expected the audio quality of a home theatre system but I was disappointed.  The audio is really low and just there.

In summary, the phone can be said to be just there.

This is just a review of my personal experience with the Samsung Galaxy On 5. Have any experience with the same phone? Please share in the comments section.


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