tiyus sardine

Name of Product:          Titus Sardine

Retail Price:                     N280 per tin

Rating:                                2 stars

Ingredients/Contents of Titus Sardines in Vegetable Oil.

Calories. 260 Kcal (1089 kJ)

Calories from fat. 162 Kcal

Total Fat. 18g (28%)

Saturated Fat. 3g (15%)

Cholesterol. 135mg (45%)

Sodium. 480mg(20%)

Protein. 23g (46%)

Vitamin A. 0.8mg (27%)

Iron. 2.7mg (15%)

Calcium. 350mg (35%)

Size — 125g

No of fish— 2

Flavour- Strong fish flavour

Water content— negligible.

Sardines are fish based and nutrient rich food loved by many. However, I never liked sardine when I was a kid. I didn’t like fish generally.  The fact that this particular fish called sardine is soaked in oil just made it worse. It made me feel like throwing up. However, things have changed and I have changed.  I have grown to like Sardine and I take it a lot. It’s just that I make sure whatever I’m taking it with is really spicy. For example, I take sardines with eggs and enough pepper.

Titus is the most consumed sardine in Nigeria and I like it too. Titus is a brand of tasty sardine, heavily rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. I especially like Titus sardine among other sardines because of it’s unique taste.

Titus Sardines affords me the opportunity to have and use nutritious whole sardines packed in vegetable oil in my meals. It is high in protein and it is a perfect accompaniment for any meal. It can be used in a variety of ways in salads, rice meals, beans, stews, sandwiches, eggs and a whole lot of other meals.

But, have you noticed what I noticed? Titus Sardine used to have four big fishes but now there are just two hungry looking fishes in it. The fact that it is even more expensive complicates it more. It appears the fishes get leaner day by day. Yeah, recession is all over Nigeria but it has become really expensive. The annoying part for me is that the quality decreases as the price increases.

Because of this I give Titus Sardine just two stars. They really need to work on the product pricing and quality preservation.



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