Everyone often loves the blend of Bournvita and the liquid Creamy Coast Evaporated milk, you want to sip because it tastes nice, but we often do not know what nutritional benefit it serves to us, and why excessive intake of these beverages can be detrimental to our health.


The ingredients included in Bournvita includes – Malt extract, cocoa solids, sugar, caramel (E150), milk solids, emulsifiers, liquid glucose, minerals, vitamins, raising agents ( E 500 ), liquid vanilla flavour and salt. Bournvita is rich in protein, calcium, fat, potassium, iron, and it is an energy and blood replenishing drink.


Coast Evaporated Milk contains Cow milk and sugar and it is rich in protein, fat, calcium, and potassium. It helps the bone to be strong, fight arthritis in young and old, fights blood pressure, and it is also an energy and blood replenishing drink. Coast milk as well contains Vitamin D which helps to fight colon cancer.


Both Bournvita and Coast Evaporated Milk contains vitamins B12 and B2 which helps to be strong and healthy.


Bournvita and Coast evaporated Milk are good drinks for healthy living but an excessive intake of these beverages is detrimental to our health. An excessive intake can cause diabetes due to their sugar component, also it contains high fat and calories which can increase the risk of heart diseases.Coast evaporated milk is also strongly discouraged for Lactose Intolerant individuals, individuals with a digestive problem whereby their body is unable to digest lactose.

These products, Bournvita and Coast Evaporated milk are majorly consumed by mothers and children, they are family beverages which come in varieties.  Bournvita comes in the refill sachet and in an air tight container size of 500g, this beverage also comes in other measures while Coast evaporated milk is in a 150g sized liquid tin, but also have the powdered milk type that could be mixed with water. There is no doubt that these beverages would serve a healthy drink to break our fast and to boost our energy this Ramadan.



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