Name of Product: Knorr Chicken Cubes

Price: ₦600

Ratinngs: 3 and half stars

Knorr Chicken Cube

I started using Knorr Chicken seasoning when I visited my aunt.  I noticed she didn’t add salt to her food anytime she used the Knorr seasoning. I actually thought she didn’t add salt to her food because she’s in her early sixties  and is trying to be health conscious.

I was wrong. She doesn’t add salt because Knorr seasoning is simply sufficient, so there’s no need for salt. I realized that when I tried it too. I tried it with beans at first and it turned out really delicious even better than when I used to add salt. Another thing I like about Knorr seasoning is the fact that it is easier to crumble and it has exceptional packaging with appetite appeal through the food visuals on the pack.

Since then,  Knorr Chicken cube has been my favourite food seasoning. This product comes in a cube size which has a pasty texture. It costs 500-700 for 50 cubes and is available in any retail outlets nationwide. Knorr has other varieties as well, to make every dish more delicious and easy t
o prepare but I prefer the Knorr Chicken cubes. Don’t really know why. It’s probably because of the chicken aroma and the fact that I don’t need to worry about additional spices. I can always rely on Knorr Chicken cube.

If you don’t want to go through so much trouble just to prepare a good and delicious  meal, this product is for you.  Knorr seasoning will really do the trick. It  enhances the flavour of every dish. Knorr seasoning is a tasty ingredient for almost any meal: rice, beans, soup, stew, and so on. In fact in the absence of meat or fish, Knorr Chicken cube is the best alternative.

Knorr Review
Knorr Chicken Pack

Absence of meat or fish can sometimes make a meal boring but with Knorr you don’t have to bother as the food tastes just like chicken. Knorr seasoning can make  any soup taste like chicken soup even without  chicken. During my undergraduate years, there were times I had to cook stew without beef or fish and all I had to do was add Knorr seasoning, and there came the thought of chicken.

It’s funny, but it worked.


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