Brand: Michael Kors

Leather: Saffiano

Price: N5000- N8000

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

 I have never owned a designer bag before. That is the truth. Why? You ask? Well, it is because I’m not really a fan of bags, what I love is shoes. Despite the fact that I don’t love spending my money on bags, I was tired of buying hand bags every 2-3 months. So I thought of giving a designer bag a try. I wasn’t yet sure about the designer to choose but I had a picture of the kind of bag  I wanted in mind.

I walked into a fine store full of several designer bag collections. I did not even know which one to choose. I eventually picked 2 designer bags to choose from. The insane thing about the two bags is that they looked alike; same shape, same size, but different colour and leather. The first bag is Micheal Kors but I cannot remember the designer of the other bag.  I sent pictures of the two to my sister but she was not online to check. Why now? And I had to pick one. The sales guy at the shop signaled to me to pick the Michael Kors bag while the store owner asked me to pick the other one.

At this stage of confusion, I closed my eyes and picked the MK bag with the nude colour after doing “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe”. As at then, I was hoping I made the right decision as I would not want to buy another bag in the next three months.

I am glad to say I am proud of my decision. I have been using the MK bag for over 8 months and  I have no complaints about the bag. I practically take this bag everywhere everyday…lol. I never get tired of carrying it. It is highly classy, portable, and fine. Moreover I like the feeling that comes when people say “I like your bag” you know what I’m saying now…lol

Another thing about this bag it takes almost everything I like to carry. It occupies my dell mini laptop, my purse, my power bank, my phone, my tablet, my 500 leaves notebook, my glasses, my earpiece, my water bottle. Sincerely the bag is strong. Come rain, come sun, that bag is my side friend.

Disclaimer: the bag has several imitations. My mom bought one, but she did not carry it for more than a week. Unlike mine, that one stains, has a bad leather quality and of course, not as rugged as mine. So I call mine… my rugged friend.

Despite my careless moments, my Michael Kors bag is in excellent condition still, As is expected with a designer product it’s made very well, but I think the fact it’s made from hard-wearing leather is the reason it has remained strong and rugged. The textured look may not feel as luxurious as regular leather bags, but while a normal leather would have softened up and lost its shape by now, my MK bag looks exactly the same as when I bought it.

The design is simple and classic. It’s a timeless style and goes with any outfit. Since I chose the nude colour, it practically goes with anything I wear. On the inside, it has a small purse that can hold a camera or a lunch container.

If you’ve been considering this bag, or even just thinking of investing in a designer handbag in general I say go for it. I’m a person who is very cautious with her money maybe because I’m from that part of Nigeria people call *stingy* and I rarely buy designer items when a cheaper version will do just fine, but this bag has been well worth the investment. I can say It’s going to last me for years and it still feels special every time I pick it up. Believe me Micheal Kors bag was worth my trial. For quality and value, I will go for this designer over and over again.



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