Nothing is as easy as thinking and just acting because a conclusion was reached without much external input – that is, as an individual. However when two people come together for the purpose of courtship, this process takes a different dimension; it takes longer but it can be made easy. Just because a person loves you and is responsible for you (whether totally or to an extent) does not make them superhumans who can read minds. Hence the need to express yourself as much as you can.


Friendship is important in every relationship. Your ability to relate as friends reduces and eliminates friction in your communication. There is the freedom to relate in the most simple manner.


When words are said, action is taken. As long as you keep mute about how you feel, it will be hard for your partner to please you. So put your feelings and desires into words and save us all the trouble of guesing.


Situations and environments should determine the sort of things you discuss and the manner in which you discuss them. Do not shout when you ought to speak calmly. And project when you have to pass an important message. Be conscious of your partner’s mood. Do not joke when they are serious except you are sure a joke would take them out of a low mood.


A person feels really safe and sure when they know you speak with confidence. They trust your words and feel secure to talk to you. So speak without doubt or confusion in your tone or expression.


This is a very necessary factor in communication. It allows two people to see through each other and totally understand how to relate in the strictest environment. It also allows for trust even in the most inconvenient circumstances. For example if your partner hears a nasty story about you from a third party. Being transparent also makes you accountable, and puts your partner at ease.

Good communication sustains a relationship. It enables easy understanding between partners. For every relationship, it is imperative that there is synergy. Communication is simply key. Your relationship will be healthy if communication is smooth and robust. Follow these steps towards a beautiful lifetime with your mate.


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