Once upon a time, I likened love to religion and I was chastised for that. I felt bad but not deterred as my stand about that has not changed. A colleague at work recently during a conversation told me that what keeps a man sane in marriage is the “fear of God”. How about the “fear of love?”

What is love? Where did love originate from? Who teaches us to love? Who do we love? When does love die? Do we ever stop loving? Who is love?

If you have precise definitions and explanations for these questions, congratulations you are not human.

What is religion? Three definitions from the dictionary would do.

  • “A particular system of faith and worship”; perhaps if we had faith unshaken in our spouse, we would see things differently.
  • “Any practice which someone is devoted”; if we were probably devoted to love, there would be not so much wrong and rot.
  • “Faithfulness to a given principle – conscientiousness”; if we are faithful to love, we would live in a state of being conscientious.

There are so many ifs and maybes in this piece because I am hopeful, I believe we are capable. we simply need to see it. maybe if we treated love as an obligation and not privilege, we would live better.

So love!!!

We knew not yet we believe (d). people abandon everything just to pursue love. people fall out of love and afterward find their way back (i call this backsliding). All times, we are not asked to love, we just love. Love is a belief. You need a large amount of faith to truly love. You love not knowing what truly lies in the heart of another individual. Leaving your blood relatives to be with another for the rest of your life not knowing what lies therein.

At a point love is practiced, love is experienced. love becomes a lifestyle.

If true love is an emotion, so is happiness and sadness. Love, however, has a hold on all these emotions. Marcel Proust, a french novelist wrote It is our imagination that is responsible for love” not the other person.

Helen Fsher, a sociologist and expert in romantic love said at a ted conference in 2008 that “Love is deeply embedded in our brain; Our challenge is understanding one another”.

Everyone is capable of love, the problem is how to activate, sustain and maintain it. Love is individual; Love is a personal activity that extends to other party (ies). No one can stop you from being in love (loving), actions can however alter your expressions of love. Love is big yet tiny. Love is incomprehensible yet can be mastered.

If you truly believe in love, love is health and wealth. If you want to know love; practise love.


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