Fans of Nigerian artistes, Tiwa Savage and Wizkid, have been thrown into a hot debate as to whether the singers are in a relationship or not, especially with a music video showing both singers in scenes that look explicit.


Scenes of the music video of Wizkid’s hit song, Fever, show the Starboy being in a steamy entanglement with Tiwa who keeps caressing him in bed.


While Wizkid is shown wearing a pair of trousers without a shirt, Tiwa appears from the rear of the room, climbs into the bed and begins to cuddle, caress and nearly kisses Wizkid.


Fans say it’s a treatment of ‘Stew for Teebillz.’ Fans have accused the duo of being in a relationship before but they denied such.


Recall that Tiwa Savage broke up her marriage with her husband, Teebillz, over allegations of infidelity and drug abuse.


Teebillz had earlier on been quoted to have said that Wizkid cannot be in a relationship with his ex-wife Tiwa, because, according to him, Wizkid is his younger brother.


But, with the music video, some fans have been thrown into a serious debate, expressing various opinions on social media, especially on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, with many employing memes to drive home their points.


Here are some of their comments:

wavehoptv‏ @MichealTomiye “When you finally realize Tiwa cooked the stew wizkid was shouting since”
For jhayztweet‏ @jhay, “Pls who has Teebliz number it’s very urgent I heard he has not been feeling well since morning.. Save a life”
@MisterRej “Little did Teebillz know that Wizkid would later take over his woman wen he told wiz that he wants him to take over the whole music industry in 2012.”
Prof. Yinka‏ @GalacticoHD “I really won’t assume that Wizkid & Tiwa are having anything together until they come out.. they are professionals, so the video might just be work. However, I am just confused how this Fever video will help Tiwa’s brand. Any help? No insults please”
Kay Baba‏ @datGuyKOFO “Tiwa and Wizkid seem to be enjoying the publicity that surrounds their chemistry and they are really making so much out of it. Whether there’s something going on or not, this is a great marketing strategy for both brands. Everywhere STEW”
Moji Delano‏ @MojiDelanoBlog “Just saw Tiwa and Wizkid’s Fever video. At 1st I thought Tiwa featured on the song but alas! She never sang. The video intentional had Tiwa to cause controversy but the chemistry looked more than just being professional to me Donjazzy allowed ‘it’ and TeeBillz will be mad.”
KinG NomSo ‏ @ani_nomso “I still don’t think Wizkid & Tiwa are doing anything tho. Proper PR stunt to keep mouths talking & Teebillz added more fuel to the gist. Is there any bigger story that would sell more than the Biggest Male & Female Acts in Africa Romancing? Think Not!!!”
Bhadmus Hakeem‏Verified account @Bhadoosky “Tiwa & Wizkid didn’t kiss in Fever video! Tiwa & Wizkid didn’t kiss in Fever video!! Tiwa & Wizkid didn’t kiss in Fever video!!! Plix Dear, Don’t twist what was acted/directed in front of many people”
Demi-moore‏ @Teasermoore “Teebillz: Tiwa cannot even cook Me: For that #fever video ehn, Tiwa savage make everywhere stewwww.”
Omojuwa‏Verified account @Omojuwa “As a business strategy, Tiwa is doing all the right things. She played her part excellently well in that video. And she didn’t look out of place as the age difference seemed to converge I am not an expert on moral strategies, so can’t say anything about that.”
SHAKASHIKI‏ @rasrap21 “The ‘T baby’ Wizkid was referring to in Jaiye Jaiye was Tiwa and not Tania Be Guided o Eyin temi!!! #wizkid #FeverVideo”




Tiwa Savage, however, took to her Instagram page to comment on the rumors saying her relationship is her business and not a community project.
@tiwasavag, “Your relationship does not need to make sense to anyone except you and your partner. It’s a relationship, not a community project,” she replied.


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