On Tuesday this week, fuel scarcity greeted Nigerians good morning as long queue were seen at almost all filling station across the country. This has sparked criticisms from Nigerians all over the country as #Fuelscarcity has been trending on twitter and instagram

Nigerians on social media have blasted president Muhammadu Buhari for being incompetent and unattentive to plight of Nigerians.

Some even called for his resignation.

Some Nigerians urged President Buhari who is minister of petroleum to take responsibility and stop blaming others by finding a quick solution to the fuel crisis, adding that there should be no scarcity after removal of subsidy.

Here are some comments:

@aligthebaptist “Buhari is the most incompetent President we have ever elected in the history of Nigeria. You can’t hide incompetence; just drive around the country and you’ll see the level of hopelessness this govt has brought upon the already impoverished citizens #fuelscarcity

@joeydozie “At145 Naira per litre, this Moronic @APCNigeria led government can’t ensure that there’s no #fuelscarcity. A rudderless, directionless joke of a government.

@tenovertrn “Does Buhari still remember that he’s the petroleum minister?#fuelscarcity
@matthewottah “This is the 3rd fuel scarcity under Buhari in 2 1/2 years. First one was in Sept-December 2015. For 3 months Nigeria suffered but PMB didn’t blink. Second one was in April/May 2016 which he cunningly increased fuel from N87 – N145 and now December 2017. Buhari and #fuelscarcity
@timi “I don’t even know who to blame for this #FuelScarcity Pengassan Strike,Greedy Oil Marketers,Daura farmer?But I choose to blame buhari since we blamed Jonathan for everything
@michaelkerry@mbuhari himself is the minister of petroleum. It wouldn’t be partisanship to blame #fuelscarcity on him. Or is @GEJonathan ….. He should take responsibility for the first time

EFCC/GTBank versus founder of Innoson Motors
Officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on Tuesday arrested Founder of Innoson Motors, Innocent Chukwuma, that his Enugu residence.
Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) has taken responsibility of being behind his arrest.

Innoson/GTBank story however has really gained so much media prominence, following the arrest of the Innonson chairman

Below are screenshot of how Nigerians expressed their thoughts on this story


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