Social media went agog this week as #EndSars went viral. Nigerians including some well known celebrities expressed the maltreatment they suffered at the hands of Special Anti- Robbery Squad (SARS),while others shared similar experiences their loved ones had with the men of the Nigerian police Force.

But what led to the viral hashtags?

It all began when “The Nigerian Police Force” Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit tweeted on 2nd December 2017, as they opened complain channels for the general public to help make complaints about issues concerning the Special Anti- Robbery Squad, popularly known as SARS.

This gave birth to hastags like: #EndSars and #EndSARSBrutality on popular microblogging platform, twitter as Many Nigerians seized the opportunity to express their minds.

If you would agree with me, that the #EndSars on social media is likened to when we were kids, after being cheated and well beaten by older siblings in the absence of your parents, then your parents are back only for them to ask you this phrase “who beat you?” The manner at which you reignite the pain you had while they were away accompanied by steady flow of steamy tears as you seek to get your parents avenge for what your siblings had done in their absence

The tweet was more like a time bomb, which denoted quickly as millions of Nigerians bombarded social media in less than a few hours, calling on the federal government to scrap the police unit as they have caused more menace.

Here are some of the tweets on #Endsars

Over 100,000 tweets from concerned Nigerians. The people don’t feel protected. If we cannot FixSARS then #EndSARS.


People are not supposed to be afraid of the people that are supposed to be looking after us. A couple weeks ago, at almost midnight, my friends and I had a gun pointed at us for laughing. For laughing. #EndSARS #ActuallyTakeGunsAwayFromTriggerHappyPeopleWhoHideBehindTheUniform!

— Simi (@SympLySimi)

On #EndSARS, I call on the IG of Police as a concerned Nigerian to intervene, I know the Nigerian Police as a disciplined force will take action to address this issue. It will go a long way to improving Nigeria’s rating in the global ranking of Police @atiku #AtikuFacebookLive

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri)

The arbitrary harassment of young Nigerians by Police (who should be protecting them) has no place in a democratic society.

The #EndSARS protest shows Nigerian youth are upset and the matter needs urgent attention.

— Atiku Abubakar (@atiku)

Somebody sent me DM to learn my voice to the SARS menace. #EndSARS now. Hmmmm. If only they knew I had my own story. My life is more endangered than yours with them. My story …….

— SEYILAW:FAST&FUNNY (@seyilaw1)

A painter and an AC repairer had come to work in my house and I gave them money to go and buy materials. I waited and they weren’t showing any sign of coming so I called, only to be told they had been held by SARS. I took my car and went to the place. #ENDSARS

— SEYILAW:FAST&FUNNY (@seyilaw1)

I got there. These guys have been stripped and their hands tied behind their back. I thought I was known and demanded to see the SUPERIOR OFFICER who was smoking IGBO and drinking with others. Only to be threatened to be shot if I don’t move back. Yeepa. #EndSARS

— SEYILAW:FAST&FUNNY (@seyilaw1)

I went back to the truck to speak with the arrested guys what their offence was and they said, they were on a bike and were stopped by SARS who told them they were riding pass a crime scene so they were suspects. Reallyyyy!!! #ENDSARS

— SEYILAW:FAST&FUNNY (@seyilaw1)

I went back to the SARS guys and they said they weren’t ready to talk to me until they get to their station. I drove behind to the station and the SARS guys disappeared and the case was being handled by another person entirely. #ENDSARS

— SEYILAW:FAST&FUNNY (@seyilaw1)

We got back downstairs. The guy in charge demanded for 20k with a threat. If you like go back to Oga, one day you go just finish performance. We go just shoot you die, put gun sey you thief. How do I go back to the CPA? #ENDSARS

— SEYILAW:FAST&FUNNY (@seyilaw1)

I asked myself what if these guys weren’t working for me that day. That is how their future could have been jeopardized and they will be labelled criminals for crimes they had no idea happened. Beaten and stripped. #ENDSARS.

— SEYILAW:FAST&FUNNY (@seyilaw1)

I have experienced the brutality from some power drunk #SARS police officials as well. Hoping the govt can act swiftly on this one.

— KING AG (@adekunleGOLD)

  • Commissioner for happiness’

Yes, you just read that and that has never been a typo lol. We now have commissioner for happiness and couples’ as Mrs Ogechi Ololo takes up the first of such portfolio in Nigeria. All thanks to Governor Rochas Okorocha of the southeastern state of Imo.

Okorocha, who was previously widely criticised for using public funds to erect different statues of prominent African leaders in Imo state, on Monday 4th of December, 2017 appointed his sister, Mrs Ogechi Ololo.Many Nigerians are not happy with the Imo State Governor following his appointment of his sister as a Commissioner in the state..

Here are some the reactions


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