To a very large extent, dating (before and in relationships) depends on the individuals involved. In the past, a particular gender was the one that had the job of initiating dates. Thankfully that era is fast becoming a mirage. It is very crucial to be involved in several dates before a major relationship. This is the time in which knowledge about the individuals is naturally acquired by both parties.

I appreciate Wikipedia’s definition of Dating, hence we go with it. “Dating is a stage of romantic and/or sexual relationships in humans whereby two or more people meet socially, possibly as friends or with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in a more committed intimate relationship or marriage.” Do take note of the words in bold.

 Now that we have the definition of dating that we need, let us take a quick look at 5 benefits of Dating to a relationship.

  • Comfortability – It is natural and logical that after a first date, you either look forward to another or you get really disinterested in ever having a meeting with the person. By subjecting the early stages of a relationship to dating, it is very easy to find out what level of comfort you derive from that particular person’s company.
  • You have a better understanding of the person – Going out on dates allow you know an individual better than they tell you about them. Thanks to technology, we communicate excellently without seeing or having physical contact; over phone chats, calls, video calls, mails, etc. We may discuss what we like, dislike, can tolerate etc, but we do not always/necessarily discuss our flaws or some innate impulsive attributes. During dates, however, you can tell how a person eats, handle their cutlery, and so on, if they follow public places instructions and how they react to unpleasant situations and outsiders. I also always advise different environments for each date.
  • Core values and beliefs – Dating allows you discuss various issues not limited to a category. Argument thresholds vary in individuals (this is not abnormal). This way, you understand who argues more. Over time you would realize if they support or agree with your personal beliefs/values. It becomes easier to decide whether or not you want to give the relationship a go or move to the next level.
  • Respect – They say respect is reciprocal and I believe it can be cultivated. When you go out more often than you are ever indoors (especially alone together), freedom with one another is naturally achieved. There is ease to laugh and touch, poke, hold/shake hands, rest heads on shoulders. As well, respect is earned as you discuss more about yourselves with an understanding of what you both desire from each other. This in comparison to moments shared indoors (especially at the beginning of a relationship) enables individuals become expressive under natural and normal circumstances.
  • Financial Orientation and Managerial skills – The fact that there is need to pay for some services while you both are out also allows you an understanding of an individual’s financial orientation and how they are able to manage financial situations. Finance is a very important aspect of every relationship, thus should be handled with much diplomacy, and understanding in all transparency.

For some reason(s), not everyone wants a serous relationship (in that case I usually advise people to stay as friends); yet they want intimacy/selflessness. As a result, they relate in wrong ways and thus hurt themselves or the other person in the process.

A woman after conception, bears a child for 9 months before seeing the results. It is very essential that you take the right steps before embarking on that amazing journey of  a serious relationship. The more you know a person before fully committing, the easier and better. Study and follow these steps to begin your relationship.


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