The city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria has always been evolving. However, in the past few years, the city has become more in tune with the pulse of the country in terms of technology and business. This has helped businesses and technologies to grow in the city. 2016 was a good year for tech and business in the city of Ibadan and at Ibadan Insider we are excited that 2017 is going to be an even more fantastic year for entrepreneurship and the digital space. Here in no particular order are five of the reasons why we think 2017 will be an exciting year for Ibadan Business and Technology.

1. Ibadan Insider.

Ibadan Insider is coming up with two new and cool initiatives in the early weeks of 2017, the Ibadan Insider Store and the Ibadan Insider Care

The Ibadan Insider Store

  Are you a business within the city of Ibadan looking to get more customers? Do you want to enhance your business and get ahead of your competition with an online presence? Then the Ibadan Insider online store will surely interest you. It is an online store where businesses within the city that sell deliverable goods can get on, list the items they have for sale and the prices they are sold for. Each business that lists on the store gets its own store page to manage and list items. Interested buyers can then go online and buy whatever they need from whoever they like. There will also be a payment option that will enable the buyer to pay for whatever he has bought instantly and the seller also receives the notification when a product has been ordered. The service is open to all kinds of businesses and all kinds of products can be listed on the site. Whatever it is you or your company sells, you can also get on the Ibadan Insider store, start selling and have people who might even be close to wherever you are in Ibadan, see and buy your products. And the good thing is it is free to list your items on the store. To indicate your interest, send an email to or send a message to 0701 214 0254. You may also want to keep an eye on for more updates on the Ibadan Insider store.

 Ibadan Insider Care

 If you are a humanitarian within the city of Ibadan with a positive cause that you want other people within the city to know about and to support, or you are a volunteer who is looking for a positive humanitarian cause to participate in, then the Ibadan Insider Care initiative is something you should know about. The aim of the initiative is to make sure that people are aware of the good and positive things humanitarians are doing to make the city of Ibadan a better place and it will also help people who are interested in volunteering opportunities to be able to find the ones that interest them. You can list events, initiatives etc. on the Ibadan Insider care page. Also keep an eye on  for more news about the Ibadan Insider Care initiative as they come.

2. Xendus Vendors

IbridgeHub, one of the top hubs in the city of Ibadan is incubating a new startup called Xendus Vendors. The role of the startup will be to deliver goods all over the city of Ibadan (even outside the city, depending on the nature of the product). If you already have an online store where you sell your products or you are planning to create one, or you buy products online on a regular basis and like to get them delivered to you in the comfort of your house or workplace, then you will be interested in Xendus Vendors. Xendus vendors will offer a range of services; services like delivery of all kinds of products from sellers to buyers and errands for people who want to buy stuff offline without the hassle of having to go to the market to do it themselves. Xendus Vendors will be launched in the early months of 2017. You will be able to get information about them of various Ibadan media blogs and their social media platforms as well as the IbridgeHub website.

3. Portleague Photography Photowalk

At regular intervals in 2017, Portleague Photography will organize a Photowalk which is for photographers and photography enthusiasts in the city of Ibadan. Photographers both amateur and professionals will have the opportunity to go to locations in Ibadan and take pictures of the fascinating and interesting things and people in those places. The aim of the photo walk is to showcase everything beautiful and of interest in Ibadan to the world and to be part of a movement which hopes to document the evolution of a changing city. A well-attended test event of the Portleague photowalk took place on the 30th of December 2016 in conjunction with IbadanInsider.  It promises to be even bigger and more exciting in 2017. Follow Portleague on all social media accounts to know more about the event.


If you are a writer in whatever field and you wish to get your work noticed, or you are just someone hoping to get informed, educated and entertained on topics in the field of technology, business, sports, fashion, travel and all kinds of stuff, then you should keep your eyes peeled for It is a content platform that caters to all kinds of content, writing, audio and visual from not just Ibadan but from all over Africa. Whatever it is you want to watch or read, HPM has it for you. The platform also has forums, where you can air your views about topics which you think, are not being talked about or get your own dashboard to air your own controversial opinions. Development of the platform is at an advanced stage and it should launch in the early months of 2017. Follow the site at for updates

5. Awesome Events for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

The technology and business scene in Ibadan in evolving, and more and more there is a need for businesses in Ibadan to evolve as well. If you are a business person in the city, there is a need for you to link up with the people that matter in terms of entrepreneurship and also to use the right technology tools to grow your business. Here are a few of plenty of tech and business networking events you should watch out for in 2017.

After5ive by is one of the first business and technology networking events in the city of Ibadan, it is an event for entrepreneurs to come and learn more about how they can grow their businesses and network with other business people. It is also an opportunity to meet customers and potential customers as well as mingle and make friends. It has already been held twice, with the 2nd edition held at Mauve21 Event Centre, Ringroad, Ibadan witnessing a massive turnout. Its scope will be expanded in 2017. Follow Ibpulse on all social media platforms or to learn more about After5ive.

Ibadan Entrepreneurs Network is a platform where people will also be organizing entrepreneurship events in 2016 where businesses can exhibit the products they have for sale and have customers patronize them directly. Also, enterpreneurs have the opportunity to network as well as to learn from successful individuals who have succeeded in business in Ibadan and beyond. Also, the Ibpreneurs network has links with Banks and Government agencies, and thus participating in Ibpreneurs events means you get to know how you can develop a business and the opportunities that are available from the government’s side. Follow Ibpreneurs on all social media platforms to learn more about their events, a full-service digital agency already has its KickStartinto2017 offer running and as a business looking to get online you can benefit from it too. If you, however, want to learn about how to brand your business online yourself and how to advertise and sell your products online, then TinklingD’s Code Meets Digital Marketing (CMDM) will be of interest to you. At CMDM, you will learn how to build a good online site for your business and the digital strategies that will bring you online customers for your products and get your brand out there. Follow for how you can be a part of CMDM and other exciting opportunities available

Do you have an awesome initiative in 2017 for your brand that you think deserves coverage on our page? send us the details at


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