Oyo State Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, said his administration has secured bond to complete all road projects in the state in order not to leave behind any uncompleted project after his tenure in 2019.

He stated this while  he was addressing newsmen yesterday, after he inspected some roads marked for expansion in Ibadan. Some of the roads the governor made mention of include: Agodi Gate, Beere, Agbeni, Amunigun, Ogunpa, and Dugbe.

The governor also ordered the discontinuation of work at a fuel station under construction at Agodi Gate owing to the ongoing expansion of Oke Adu, Agodi Gate, Idi Ape and Iwo Road. He also added that the owner of the fuel station would be compensated.

Meanwhile, majority of the market women along Agbeni-Ogunpa jubilated when Ajimobi told them his administration will expand their road by April, adding that the road expansion will boost activities in the markets in the area. Ajimobi promised that neighbourhood markets would be built in Agbeni, Ogunpa and other areas, to resettle roadside traders who would be affected. He said:

Beginning from next month, we will begin the expansion of this road from Agodi-Gate, straight to Dugbe to relieve commercial activities and stop display of wares on the road.  We know that the road expansion will increase your sales and open these markets to more people to do buying and selling; it is all for your good.  We have secured a bond as financial support to execute the project… Our government will always embark on people-oriented projects which we are sure will always bring relief to our people.


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