On Saturday the 4th of February 2017 The Dare Experience, a Travel and Tours company which was launched in order to promote tourism within Nigeria and Africa  partnered with 5and10kraftzone (Artist) to organize Painting In The Park. The event, a social painting/networking event and  the  first of its kind in the city of Ibadan, was designed  to help people explore and discover their inner artist and help them create a unique piece that would be theirs. Also, it was a chance for people to relax, hang out, have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature and the inspiration it provides. Painting in the Park was held at the Agodi Gardens.

A lot of of the people that turned up for the event were amateur painters who were understandably hesitant to paint initially. However, with some push and motivation, everybody  had a go at painting and everyone who joined in found it a great experience. Moreover, the artist patiently guided everyone from start to finish.

Participants also enjoyed some refreshments to go with  their painting sessions as well as a chance to meet new people and to network. Some of the participants came who from out of Ibadan and even some of them who have lived in Ibadan for years but never been to the Agodi Gardens had a chance to enjoy the great environment that the Garden offered.

For more information on the Painting In The Park event and other events coming up from the Dare Experience, follow them on Instagram @thedareexperience_ 


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