Concerned by the alarming rate of crimes in the country, the peace corps of Nigeria, Oyo state command has urged the Federal Government to engage the youths in productive ventures to stem the tide  of crimes.Speaking at an interactive forum with officers and intending members of the organization at the Oluyole community grammar school, Oluyole, Ibadan, the Oyo state commandant, Barrister Adesina Oludare Adigun stressed that most of criminal activities were being perpetrated by the youths.
Rotimi Agboluaje reports that patriot Adigun pointed out that if youths are engaged by the government their youthful and vibrant energy would used for productive and beneficial activities. Saying one of the platforms the government could use to engage the youths is Peace Corps of Nigeria. Reiterating that anyone who is gainfully employed knows he has a stake in the country and would not raise arms against it.
He urged the national assembly to give the Nigeria peace corps bill the required velocity,emphasizing that speedy passage of the bill would enable president Muhammadu Buhari to sign it into law. Speaking on the mandate of the paramilitary organization, the security chief disclosed that Peace Corps would provide security in schools, campuses and other educational institutions where cultism, drug peddling, prostitution and other vices are prevalent. As at today, there is no government agency that has been given the task of addressing these vices.
Maintaining that it is imperative to give a legislative empowerment and legal backbone to the peace corps of Nigeria in order to create a conductive atmosphere for learning. Adding that if a half of the resources the government spent on fighting insurgency, militancy, kidnapping, vandalism, robbery and other heinous crimes are channeled towards empowering the youths through the peace corps the crimes would be reduced to the bearable minimum.

It is instructive to know that a bill seeking to make the peace corps of Nigeria a legalized paramilitary body has got to the third reading stage at the national assembly.


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