The 2019 Presidential election is around the corner and Presidential candidates are seen in various town halls and cities, giving speeches and answering questions.

Declaring and stating their intentions in working hard towards building the country’s economy and improving the living standards of Nigerians.

Towards fulfilling these promises, various new parties have been formed by both young and old candidates, while some joined the old ones, some candidates, does not have a political party yet, although, Nigerians know of their political ambition already.

In the mean time, new parties, which involves the youths majorly, are already coming up with the idea of forming a coalition. The plan to come together as one.

This has made the candidate of the Alliance For A New Nigeria party, Fela Durotoye state his opinion and stand on the idea, as he wrote on his twitter page.

“Dear brother & sisters, Thank you or your calls, DMs and mentions for a coalition among the “newer candidates” to build a NEW NIGERIA that we can all be proud of starting in 2019. Several parties with the same ideology are already coalescing. My party @ann_nigeria has been integrated with the Nigerian intervention Movement and are speaking to other like minded parties and candidates

The present administration came together under a single platform to get the previous administration out. That was their goal and they succeeded. Unfortunately, because they had the SAME ENEMY and not the SAME IDEOLOGY, they could not deliver GOOD GOVERNANCE, which is obvious by the disunity they display. A common enemy is one thing, having a COMMON IDEOLOGY for how National Transformation to build A New Nigeria is more important to give the lives of 190 millions Nigerians a 180 degree turn. Parties that have different ideologies and come together to face a common enemy will be as effective as oil and water.

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I assure you that there is no selfish ambition on my part and I believe I speak for other aspirants, when I say we will put Nigeria FIRST and ourselves LAST to build A New Nigeria. Demand the most from us, as that is your right and responsibility. The office of the citizen is the greatest and most powerful in our nation. 190 million strong. We must rise above politics, part affiliations, religion and tribe and realize that we are ALL Nigerians and what affects one of us, affects ALL OF US.

We will not disappoint or betray the trust you have placed in us as we OFFER TO SERVE our nation to build A NEW NIGERIA.”


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