Bhadmus Hakeem, a resident of Ibadan got arrested yesterday for tweeting against a private school in Akure earlier this year.


Bhadmus who goes by the handle bhadoosky had earlier in the year, in July, tweeted  against a school called Great Cornerstone International Science College, Arigidi Akoko, Ondo State who decided to paint some of their outgoing students as debtors in the school’s send forth magazine for not participating in the contribution of N5, 000 to buy the school a 32 inch flat screen television despite parents paying N104,000 per term.



Yesterday, Bhadmus took to Twitter to report his arrest by some policemen from the Agodi Gate Area Command in front of the University of Ibadan while calling on notable residents of Ibadan and government officials to intervene



Before help could arrive, it was reported that Bhadoosky had been moved to Akure for questioning



Bhadoosky also reported that his informant was also harassed, arrested and detained after the tweet.


The whole world stood up to his aid with tweets going viral with the hashtag #freebhadoosky and people commenting with different views and reactions



After a few hours, Bhadoosky tweeted that he had been released and was to meet with the school authorities to sort out the issue

He finally appreciated everyone while mentioning some notable people who were involved in his release.



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