The United States of America General Elections  is only about two or three weeks away, and  two great contenders are in a serious battle for the White House.

On one side  Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, with their full support of Abortion and the Right of a Girl to demand the termination or evacuation of her pregnancy. Condoms and  all kind  of sex talk (claimed to be sex education) and sex practices are now permitted among young people. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have not stopped on just the above, they are also openly and blatantly campaigning in support of Gays, Transgenders, Lesbians and Homosexuals.

I do not live in the USA, but I have been there twice this year for drama mission work. I am amazed to see that on many occasions, my WIFE AND I could not actually tell if a person is a man or woman. The biological line of difference has been completely erased in many people. That is the practice of Transgender in action. It is now so pervasive that You meet a person, and you don’t know how to address the person whether “Hello Sir” or “Hello, Ma”, lest you are accused of sexual discrimination.

In primary schools, they are beginning to teach this  the children. Text books are being published for children on LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender)

In America, Pastors being arrested for “discriminating” against gender preferences because they refuse to Conduct marriage for same-sex couples.

In one of the Speeches of Hillary Clinton, she said “THE CHURCHES SHOULD BEGIN TO PREPARE HOW TO ADJUST THEIR BELIEFS AND TEACHINGS TO ACCOMMODATE THE PEOPLE OF OTHER FAITH AND BELIEFS…” May God save the Church and the believers after the Election.


A man darted with serial arrows of Sexual accusations. As of today, only a few days to the Elections, an  11th or 12th lady had come out to accuse the American presidential candidate of sexual assault.

Donald Trump has been accused of evading Taxes. He has not up till now supplied to the public his income tax information. Yet he had campaigned and defeated all those who are paying taxes in his party and has emerged a Presidential Candidate. How manage? God have mercy!

Why are Democrats and Hilary Clinton shouting about Trump’s evasion of tax? In America, tax evasion is a serious crime that for which the offender is liable to go to jail. Why are have Democrats suddenly realizedthat Trump has not paid tax? Why did “Mighty” America watch till this man got to the point of becoming a Presidential Candidate of a major party. COULDN’T THEY HAVE ARRESTED HIM IF HE COMMITTED A CRIME? OR IS ANYONE ABOVE THE LAW AMERICA?

The reason is not far to seek. TRUMP and the Republican Party are bitterly against abortion. They are Pro-Life. They are angry with  LGBT Rights and the immoral law of Same-Sex Rights passed by the Obama administration.

The Republican Party and Donald Trump are saying they stand for the Principles of the founding fathers.Faith-based foundations of America, which the Democrats have chosen to oppose.

Donald Trump is saying he ill go to war against all illegal immigrants and deport a lot of them if he comes to power, so all illegal immigrants are spoiling for war against him at the polls. They hate him and his party.

When I look at the two Presidential Candidates that circumstances have brought before the American People, from which THEY MUST CHOOSE ONE PRESIDENT.

America’s future is very precarious.
What will become of the moral life and marriages and homes and confused YOUTHS and children in schools when Hillary Clinton becomes President?
What will become of the church and believers who must begin to align their faith and Scriptural beliefs to accommodate all other “faiths” including the beliefs of the Gay, Lesbians, Bisexual and Transgenders (LGBT)?

AND TRUMP…. God Help America.
If He becomes President,… He says HE would close the borders against illegal immigrants. He says HE would order  all illegal immigrants to go back to their countries to go and apply legally. There are more than 20 million illegal immigrants in the USA doing different types of menial jobs and working as cheap labour. Trump says he will deport them all.  All illegal immigrants are now scared.


This is why I said, I PITY THE AMERICANS.
And I said they need our prayers.
MAY God help America.


MIKE BAMILOYE is a renown Nigerian Christian Gospel film actor, dramatist, producer and director. He is an evangelist and founder and president of Mount Zion Drama Ministry.


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