So today as I was dressing up for work. I got a Happy  Valentine’s day text from my mom. Just for the record I am not going to call her to say thank you, because I know I am just  going to get queried on why  I spent Val’s day alone, while it should not happen like that next year, her way of nicely phrasing that question that is never far from the lips of all African mothers (You know the one).

Sorry, where are my manners? Happy Valentine’s day everyone, from me I do sincerely hope that you enjoy this fine day of celebrating love and lovers. I love you for sticking with me and reading all the stuff I put on here. I hope you do wear your red dresses and go to enjoy your romantic getaways and candlelit dinners and fun with your significant others or whoever you are celebrating with. In short, just show lots of love and have loads of fun.

Now that we have dispensed with the mushy aspects of the whole thing, it is time to get into the business of this post per se. Contrary to the spirit of the today, today’s post is a rant of sorts. Of course, at other times this rant would have been because I had no one to wish me a happy Val’s day, but today I have a Valentine, granted that it is just a female colleague at work, and it is just  for today’s Office Val Party, add like seven other colleagues, my mom, my siblings and my male cousin and I have a total of fifteen people which is a huge improvement on last year’s total  of zero people. That and the fact that we are going to be having an office party with cake and drink to celebrate means this rant won’t have as much bite as it should have normally.

Everyone of us knows that one person who is going to be a grumpy bot. That person who just can’t shut up about how Valentine is a meaningless and wrong holiday to celebrate. To them, Love is supposed to be celebrated every day, and declaring one day as a day to celebrate it is just a waste of everybody’s time. Sometimes said grumpy bots often style themselves as moral guardians and Personal Assistants to God who denounce the day as an excuse to commit sinful acts and that God will never sanction such a day of celebration because a love that is of God can not be subject to a cheap celebration. If you are on social media it is even much worse, these indignant grumps come out of every corner complaining about people celebrating Valentine’s day being responsible for why love has been cheapened.

The thing that I am angry about is not that these moral guardians refuse to celebrate Val’s after all everyone reserves the right to celebrate or not celebrate whatever day. What I am angry about is that a lot of them won’t just keep their opinions to themselves and must make everyone around them feel guilty for celebrating love and lovers. If they happen to have a leadership position in some church or other it is much worse. They will even use the Bible to guilt trip you into believing that Valentine’s day was created by the devil and those who celebrate it as celebrating lust over love (A roundabout way of saying they are sinners). It really just gets on my nerves.

The question one is tempted to ask is Why are people just being prickly about what is just a harmless day of fun anyway? Is Valentine’s day the only day of celebration out there? Why don’t most of these moral guardians complain about Christmas despite the fact that it has been said that Jesus Christ was not born on December 25 or any day close to that day, I don’t want to sound like I am attacking Christians, so let’s choose a non-Christian holiday like Boxing Day, it is marked as a holiday on our calendars, we all celebrate and share gifts on the day. But what is the significance of Boxing Day and why don’t these guardians come out to complain about it? is it because you don’t have to wear red and spend money on romantic candlelit dinners? Aren’t we supposed to celebrate our mothers every day? How come we choose Mother’s Day to give them gifts? So what if people have illicit sex on the pretext of love, do these grumpy bots realize that they are also spoiling the day for significant others who are going to take the day with many others like them to feel special? Again so what if people are having casual sex, do people only have casual sex on Valentines Day? While of course, I will not recommend casual sex to anyone one Val’s day on any other day for that matter, but I do feel that people should have control over their own bodies and there should not be anything wrong with doing what would make them feel special on a day everyone has come together to celebrate. I know there is a need to propagate the message your God or whatever morals you have told you to propagate, but being a wet blanket to people when you are trying to have fun won’t make them listen to you any more than they would.

So if anyone tries to spoil Val’s day for you are free to tell them that they are full of it and for them to shove their opinions up their… (you know which part). Go out, wear your best red dress, share your  Val gifts and have all the fun you want and enjoy this day any way you can. Because it is Val’s day and it comes once every year. I must run now, the cake is about to be served at the office party and I don’t want to miss out So Happy Valentine’s Day folks, if you are in Ibadan don’t forget to check out these cool places recommended by our friends at Ibpulse and have fun any way you are happy with. Now to go call my mom and listen to that lecture.



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