If you are angry about current situation of Nigeria, people will say you are just a fan of the umbrella political party. If you are willing to endure and be hopeful for sunshine after heavy rainfall, people will say you are just a fan of the “change” political party.

Ecobank and Diamond Bank recently sacked 1,240 workers, First Bank to sack 1,000 of their staff, Association of Manufacturers set to sack 2,000 workers all these from 25% of total employed Nigerian population. Should i be angry or still be hopeful?

Fulani herdsmen, Niger-Delta Avengers, Boko-Haram, Naira Devaluation, Price of oil in world market, Tomato Ebola and it goes on like that.

Maybe President Buhari is a great leader, maybe he meant well, maybe he passionately want a better Nigeria, maybe its just our sins, maybe ill luck, maybe we are not true to our religion, maybe we need God more, just maybe.


Adeyemi Oba                                                                @UrbanCulture06
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