Point, Badges and Ranks

There a number of things you can do if you have an Ibadan Insider account, yes, a whole lot.

We have also made the login/registration really easy, so you can create an Ibadan Insider account by just connecting to your already existing social media accounts. You simply just press the Twitter or the Facebook icon.

Here is the link to create an account – https://www.ibadaninsider.com/profile/register/



Just as we have seen on popular social networks, we have introduced the account verification technology, this is so that you can have a confirmation of authenticity of various accounts on this platform.

See the @ibadaninsider’s verified account here – https://www.ibadaninsider.com/profile/author/


Earning Points:

We would love to reward our loyal readers and roll out various incentives to them all year round, from movie tickets to shopping vouchers, to all expense paid trips, you just got to watch for what will come. Below is our point system.

  • Visit IbadanInsider in a day – Gets 10 points
  • Make a comment on any of our post – Gets 10 points

Please ensure you login before you make any of the moves above, so our robots can record the points to your name on the dashboard. You can also login easily with your Facebook or Twitter account.


Other Interesting Things To Do With Your Ibadan Insider Account:

  • Give your comment on posts and articles: Comments helps to keep the writer in tune and to help receive your various opinions. You can login and give comments to various articles. Don’t forget this helps you earn point to boost your ranking.
  • You can write your own post: Do you have an opinion on a current issue or got a trendy news or gist, or you just want to express and showcase something amazing about what you do all that are related to Ibadan, you can simply create your own post here.
  • Using Ibadan Talk Forum: There are different channels on the Ibadan Insider Forum where you share thoughts, gift and opinions in such a way that allow other people reply you to keep the conversation going, from politics to agriculture to city buzz, find them here – http://www.ibadaninsider.com/forums/
  • Many more great features we will be rolling out.