It’s been a tough one on Americans, may be the most controversial and seemingly uncertain election so far, or may be the involvement of the social media just made torrid deciding moment so glaring.

Either you like it or not, Donald Trump is going to rule the United State (or may be the world) for the next 4 years, so brace up.

Well, looking at the bright side, we really like what Olatomi Kolawole said about the win.


So here are my thoughts and reasons as to why I stood my ground about Trump.

1. Trump is an American Entrepreneur. A very successful one at that. You see being an entrepreneur myself, I can reason with some of his “offensive” statements.
I look at Nigeria, and see foreigners progressing in my nation, they come in and we treat them as kings and they earn more than most of our people. They take our jobs( you may argue that they are more qualified, but why can’t we invest in our own people?)

2. The average American is RACIST! Yes, that’s why campaigns like #BlackLivesMatter exist.

3. People thought that Americans at large would accept the thought of a female president. They were so not ready. Especially one whose ways hasn’t been straight in the past.

4. I’m all about making it in your country. There is a reason why you were born Nigerian. Why are you running about for greener pastures? Do you know how much better Nigeria would be if we grew and developed our nation by ourselves regardless of how bad the situation is, if we fought the situations as best as we could, our future generation will be glad and happy for us.
But sadly we are about “the now” and “our current wants” never thinking about our future, or people other than ourselves and that’s why people leave for “greener pasture”. NO ONE WANTS TO DIE FOR NIGERIA. You think she isn’t worth it.

5. I’m an entrepreneur, creating jobs for my people. Or at least creating paths for people to get jobs, by improving themselves, that’s the american dream. Or isn’t it?
Well I’m in support of the NIGERIAN DREAM.

Have u seen that LEBANON advert on CNN… Home is waiting –>

So Nigerians in America, welcome back home in Advance ?.

It seems I have digressed a bit, but you get the gist.

Here’s to the Entrepreneurial spirit! ?
Here’s to standing your ground against all odds! ?
Here’s to #DonaldJohnTrump ! ?

What do you think about Trump’s Victory??? Let’s know your thought in the comment box!


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