The preferences and fashion taste of people may differ depending on what they like and how they feel at different times however we believe there are certain items that every man on this part of the world should have to get him prepared for different outings. Here we present five essential clothing items for men.These items are arranged in no particular order but are meant to ensure that every-man comes out nice every time.

WHITE SHIRT: A white shirt is a must for every man. It brings out a suiting appearance that represents class either it is worn to work or for other social outings. Putting on a white shirt means you can always feel good going to some places too when it is not planned for meaning you are not bothered much about any business or casual emergency.

BLUE SHIRT: A blue shirt is as well important due to its cool nature. Most times, a blue shirt goes with either a black or brown trousers and look fitting to be worn to either business or social occasions

T-SHIRT : Due to the nature of work of some people, they hardly put on T Shirts even on weekends. They prefer to still put on some of the clothes worn during the week. However, putting on a T-Shirt makes you feel younger and it is also a good one to hang out with the guys. It will be nice if you have as many as you can with various colours.

PAIR OF JEANS: A pair of Jeans also brings out the casual look in you and it is one of those clothing items that goes with either a T-shirt or a buttoned up shirt. You could have it in different varieties, blue, black, grey and even white.

A WHITE NATIVE ATTIRE: Most times, in social gatherings that are to celebrate one thing or another, people are usually adorned in native attire. In some situations, there is no chosen uniform attire which means one can put on what he wishes. In such situations, it is befitting to put on a white native attire as it goes for any of such social outings and makes you distinct from the pack.


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