The House (@TheHouseOnRadio) is an Infotainment radio show on PetalsFM 102.3 Bodija Ibadan that airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11am-12noon. It is anchored by Andrea (@Dre_005), Lynda (@IhemeLynda), Itunu (@Redrubylicious) and Saeedah(@Sa_eeedah) on twitter.

The programme is a proper blend of information and fun as Lynda analyses Food Facts while Itunu lets us know what is trending in the entertainment world and smooth talking Saeedah gives us update on Nigerian Music while Andrea takes us to a serious level with a Hot Topic. Of course all these in one show as they play back to back hit songs.

This week’s Hot Topic is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE; an illegal and immoral habit whereby husband beat up or sometimes rape his wife. According to the girls on The House radio show, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE now happens even between a boyfriend and his girlfriend that are yet to officially be a couple.
In Andrea’s word ” A man beating a woman is a bully,this is an habit that usually starts as a child”. Saeedah adding to what she said: “Fathers beating Mothers and such Mothers taking it like it’s a normal scenario, hiding it to protect or keep family together is a bad message to both their male and female children.

Talking about logical measures of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE as discussed on the The House radio show Wednesday edition, Lynda said ” victims should report such cases to Police, NGOs or other appropriate authority at once before body and emotional harm is severe.



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