The Bus Edition…

1.When an Ibadan driver makes you pay more than the normal fare and then tries to banter with you

Is this one even well at all?

2. When you are squished between two fat market women in the vehicle

Hey God! what have done to deserve this?

3. When a woman with three children pays for a single seat on the bus and the says to you in Yoruba “Please help me carry Him (one of them), after all he is your brother”

No O! I know my brothers and he is not among abeg

4. When a YES-O official catches an Ibadan driver for wrong parking

Please the Husband of my mother, epp my solution
Please Ehn!  Husband of my mother!! epp my solution

5. when you peep at the bus’s Ignition and it is only two wires that have to be connected

Is that how you use to do?
Is that how you use to do?

6. You are already pinned to the side of the bus  and then a passenger goes “Uncle e jo e dress die “

You want to see my red eyes abi?

7. Ibadan bus passengers and colourful abusive Similies

Never an Inseparable pair


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