We have all entered public transport at some point during our sojourn in Ibadan. here is the  part 1 of our 3 part Ibadan Transport Meme series.


1.Ibadan Drivers and “Wole pelu change e ko si owo sise o.” ( Enter with your exact fare I can’t split large sums of money)


2.That passenger that acts like a backseat driver, constantly complaining even when the driver is not speeding

As you are the only one who doesn’t want to die abi?

3. An Ibadan Taxi driver when you say: “Shebi government has said you should not carry two in front?”

You are mad and I am here to tell you

4. when you are chatting with your friend and another passenger tries to put  mouth without invitation

Who asked You please?

5. How you feel when you get down from an Ibadan taxi after squeezing in the front seat with another passenger

legs dead…. can’t move

6. when an Ibadan taxi driver sees an NURTW official coming to collect “toll fee”

Don’t you people use to get tired?

7. When an Ibadan taxi driver calls you “Uncle” or “aunty” so that you can pay more than the normal fare

warris all deez nonsense... who is this one's uncle?
is this one alright… who is this your uncle?

Watch out for part 2 of  our Ibadan Transport memes next week. Do you have a funny Ibadan experience or any kind of Ibadan experience at all that  you wish to share in memes?  Join our community, or  share  it with us at editor@ibadaninsider.com


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