1. Everytime  You are called to pronounce a word or read something in class

Father Lord! Not again!

2. Your Teacher writes CHICKEN on the board and asks you to pronounce it

My God will fight for me

3. you have already  memorized the correct pronunciation of a word but you end up pronouncing it with your accent anyway

Dear ground, kindly do and swallow me Abeg!!


4. You avoid getting into conversations because your accent will come out and everybody will laugh at you

Not today Devil Not today!!!


5. And then your friends keep dropping those words you have a problem with into conversations  so that they can hear your accent and laugh at you

it is like all of you are mad abi?

6.You have a reading/pronunciation test and your first five words are CHICKEN, MILK, CHAIR, CHURCH  and SHOT

Kuku say you want me to fail

7. Finally,you accept who you are and stop fretting about what you can’t change

Let me even use it and shine small
Let me even use it and shine small

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