How I do when  people who do not live in Ibadan say things like:


“The Ancient City of Ibadan”

Bhet wait a minute sef, Is it even more ancient than Lagos?


“Ibadan, The City of brown roofs”


The “brown roofs” are not even up to 25 percent of the city, but you must display your lack of knowledge.

“So you people have a ” Insert Name of Popular Brand” In Ibadan?”

No o! we are using the one that you borrowed us

“Shebi you are from Ibadan, how come you don’t speak like other Ibadan people?”

Are you minding me? Shebi they use to distribute it to us when we are born, abi ?


“Ibadan is “So and So”. I know because I stayed in Ibadan for two hours in 2001″

Really? tell me something

“So You people have “Insert Interesting place to hangout or thing to do” in Ibadan?”

Noo o!! We cover ourselves with leaves and swing from trees all day long

“Ibadan is so wack and boring, there is even nothing interesting to do here”

Instead of you to just confess that you are broke


“This Ibadan is too full of razz Fuji musicians”

And so what? It is  a criminal offence?


What other asinine stuff do you hear from your friends who do not live in Ibadan?  we would like to know,  so, kindly share with us in the comments. Also watch this space for more Ibadan Insider Meme articles



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