Everybody loves Amala, but some of us love Amala more than others. Here are eight images that all of us who love amala in Ibadan can absolutely relate with…

  1. 1. The times  your friends went to a lit Amala joint without telling you

Is that how friends used to do to one another?

2. How You greet that friend of yours that knows all the lit Amala joints in Ibadan

two hands up for the chairman!!!

3. someone says to your crew, let us all go and eat Amala, the bill is on me



4.Someone gives you fork to use to eat amala

what is the meaning of this nonsense

5. When Your crush goes, I don’t like amala, and I can’t prepare it  but…

Sorry, but I don’t just see us working

6. You get to an amala joint and they are like “We don’t have amala but…

Why are you people now open then?

7.When Someone says Amala is overrated

Is this one even alright?

Amala and Abula

perfect mix

Do you also love Amala? or Do you have a funny amala experience?  we would like to know,  so, kindly share with us in the comments. Also, do you have a funny Ibadan experience you wish to share in memes? share  it with us at editor@ibadaninsider.com


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