I have heard too often many complaints about business owners who spent a lot trying to build their business Facebook business page fans and after having a lot of fans on their Facebook page, say 2000 fans, their organic post reach is no more than 200 views.
The reason why you all experience this is due to the changes Facebook made to their algorithm. This is because they want to ensure more people use their paid platform to run ads to reach more people.
However, there is a way by which you can reach more people to build your brand awareness on Facebook.
You could increase post reach by leveraging more video content on your Facebook page. There have been speculations that 95% of posts on Facebook would be video content by 2019.
Gone are the days when videos were usually expensive to produce. You could easily create a video with a smart device with a high quality camera lens, most preferably an iPhone.
How Do You Leverage Videos On Facebook?
In order to get more likes and shares for your video content on Facebook, there are some few tips that could be useful to you.

  1. Upload videos on Facebook that are at least 5 minutes long. Facebook wants to engage their users with content. This is why they encourage video that is 5 minutes and even longer.
  2. Use titles for your videos and also include a compelling description. This enables people to know what your video is about and if they should view it or skip it. Because of this, it is advisable for you to use convincing titles that would make people click your videos.
  3. Apply captions on your videos too. This captions should serve the same purpose as your title, which is to allow for a high click-through rate for your video. Your captions should include a clear call to action such as ‘Like Post’ or ‘Share Post’ or ‘Like Page’ etc.
  4. Add transcriptions to your videos, so that people who may not have audio support in their devices can still engage with your video content. Facebook also supports transcription in their video content, however, you could use third party tools to create your transcription before you upload the video on your page.
  5. Create videos that are either controversial or that tell a story. People love to engage with controversial videos, or videos that tell the story of your brand. However, make sure that your story is authentic and does not exaggerate.
  6. Using the tagging feature on Facebook, you should tag relevant keywords relating to the video content that you uploaded. This would allow for people who would likely view and share your video to view your content.
  7. Using the Facebook Live Feature allows for more people to see and engage with your video since Facebook Live supports video content only. Facebook is really putting in a lot to make users engage with Facebook Live, and as such tend to increase reach when using Facebook Live.

With these few tips, you can organically grow your reach, and business on Facebook without spending to boost posts and still get amazing results.
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