IBADAN , the capital of Oyo State with a total population of about 3.5 million is Nigeria’s largest metropolis by geographical area and most populous city in Africa after Cairo in Egypt and Johannesburg in South Africa.
Located in South-Western Nigeria, Ibadan had been the centre of Administration of the old Western region since the days of the British colonial rule.

IBADAN came to existence in 1829 and in 1893. Ibadan became a British protectorate after a treaty signed, in which by then the population had swelled to 120,000. The British developed the new colony to facilitate their commercial activities in the area and Ibadan shortly grew into the major trading centre that it is today.
There are eleven(11) Local Governments in Ibadan metropolitan area. These Local Governments are institutions created by the military government but recognized by the 1999 Constitution and they are the third tiers of government in Nigeria.

IBADAN is a busy city but also accommodates an adequate amount of entertainment and relaxation. KOKO Dome which is the oldest night club in the city dating back to the mid 90s and Options 247 (formerly known as Yepaa) in Ikolaba, Agodi GRA. Premier Hotel, Lafia Hotel, Kakanfo Inn, Labod Hotel are the top hotels in the city. In recent years, South African retail shop, SHOPRITE opened a store inside Coco House, Dugbe.

The city, hosts the first T.V station in Africa NTA Ibadan established as Western Nigerian Television(WNTV) in 1959. Tribune newspaper founded by Chief Awololo in Ibadan is the oldest surviving Nigerian newspaper while the first private T.V station is Galaxy T.V and radio is Splash FM.


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