Akinjide Osuntokun, Emeritus Professor of History once told a humourous story about his son- in- law who lives in Dublin, Ireland, during a discussion about Yoruba culture and cuisine at Dawn Commission, Ibadan.  According to Osuntokun, this son-in-law who is white would always call him (Osuntokun) to find out when next he was in the UK so that he could visit. So whenever Prof Osuntokun was in the UK his son in law would ask him “If I come to visit you, do you promise to cook Moin-Moin for me? ”

Osuntokun then added that that request, from a white person of all people, always amuses him. He then went on to add that one of the most amazing things he had ever heard from his white son- in- law was that the man actually told him in all seriousness that one of the reasons why he married Osuntokun’s daughter was the Moin-Moin that she cooks for him, that the day she stops cooking the aforementioned moin-Moin for him is the day he would divorce her.

From that little story, it is obvious that our foods in Nigeria have premium value even beyond our shores. It is a pity, however, that there is no such value placed on our foods even in our own shores.  It is time that we learned to create value for our own native foods and to present them in a way that would be attractive to consumers both in Nigeria and beyond and not only that, for it to also bring profit to people who are interested in the food business and food value chain.

This is why the Kinishow Foodfest is coming to Ibadan on the 10th and 11th of February 2017. The two-day event will feature panel discussions on the Nigerian Food value chain, what is lacking and why producers of Nigerian foods are not getting maximum value out what they are producing and the way forward for local food production in Nigeria, there will also be exhibition of food products, cooking competitions as well boot camps and funding opportunities for producers of raw and processed foods.

Kinishow Foodfest will take place at the Nustreams Culture and Conference Centre Km110, Abeokuta Road, off Alalubosa GRA, Dugbe, Ibadan. We will bring you updates on this event as time goes on, but you can find out about attendance and sponsorship for  Kinishow Foodfest by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to 08055229509


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